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  • FEC Record: Commission

FEC moves to 18-digit image indexing system

June 9, 2015

On June 29, 2015, the Commission plans to begin using 18-digit codes to identify the scanned images of FEC reports available on the agency’s website. Most users should not notice any difference, but some who write computer code to access FEC reports and data may need to modify their scripts.

The new 18-digit codes will appear in the web address for all future committee filing images. Images coded prior to June 29, will retain the 11-digit code the Commission had previously used. The seven additional characters allow the Commission to accommodate longer reports, and eliminate the need for continuation reports. The new code also includes a four-digit year, thereby helping the agency avoid a potential Y2K-type issue later this century.

The Commission released a “Notice for transitioning links on FEC.Gov” last year to help website users navigate similar changes.

Crack the code:

11-digit image number format


YY - scanning year

OO - office (01 - House, 02 - Senate, 03 - FEC Paper, 9x - FEC Electronic)

RRR - reel number

FFFF- frame number


New 18-digit image number format


YYYY - scanning year

MM - scanning month

DD - scanning day

SS - source (02 - Senate, 03 - FEC Paper, 9x - FEC Electronic)

PPPPPPPP - page (reset to zero every year on January 1)

  • Author 
    • Alex Knott