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  • Press Release

Compliance Cases Made Public

May 24, 2002

For Immediate Release
May 24, 2002


Kelly Huff
Ron Harris
Bob Biersack
Ian Stirton



WASHINGTON -- The Federal Election Commission has recently made public its final action on four matters previously under review (MURs). This release contains only disposition information.

Specific released documents placed on the public record within the following closed MURs are cited following DISPOSITION heading. Release of these documents is consistent with the district court opinion in the December 19, 2001, decision of AFL-CIO v. FEC, now on appeal to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Once an appellate decision is rendered, the Commission will review documents related to cases released in the interim.

1. MUR 4871
RESPONDENTS: (a) Broadcast Music, Inc.

(b) Hannah Bolte

(c) Barbara Cane

(d) Cheryl Dickerson

(e) Linda Livingston

(f) Doreen Ringer-Ross

(g) Paige Sober

(h) Richard "Rick" Riccobono

(i) Lana Andrews

SUBJECT: Corporate contributions/contributions in the names of others
DISPOSITION: (a-g) Conciliation Agreement: $19,000 civil penalty*

(h) Conciliation Agreement: $5,600 civil penalty*

(knowing and willful)

(i) Reason to believe (knowing and willful), but take no further action*

DOCUMENTS ON PUBLIC RECORD: General Counsel’s Report #3, certification of vote by Commissioners (dated August 22, 2000); Conciliation Agreement (Broadcast Music, Inc, et al); certification of vote by Commissioners (dated February 15, 2001); Conciliation Agreement (Richard Riccobono); certification of vote by Commissioners (dated September 10, 2001)
2. MUR 4944
RESPONDENTS: (a) Hillary Rodham Clinton for U.S. Senate Committee, Inc., William J. Cunningham III, treasurer

(b) Hillary Rodham Clinton

(c) Washington Mutual Home Loans, Inc. as the to successor PNC Mortgage Bank N.A.

COMPLAINANT: Peter H. Flaherty, Chairman, Conservative Campaign Fund
SUBJECT: Corporate contribution (in the form of a bank loan); failure to report loan
DISPOSITION: (a) No reason to believe*

[re: corporate contribution; failure to report loan]

(b-c) No reason to believe*

[re: contribution]

DOCUMENTS ON PUBLIC RECORD: Statement of Reasons by Commissioners McDonald, Mason, Sandstrom, Smith and Thomas; certification of vote by Commissioners (dated July 24, 2001)
3. MUR 4977
RESPONDENTS: (a) Buchanan for President, Inc., Angela "Bay" Buchanan, treasurer

(b) Tanya Barnhart (c) Timothy Beall

(d) Robin Hatfield (e) Christopher Kutt

(f) Connie Mackey (g) Alicia Therrien

(h) Philip White (i) Elise Frechete

(j) Buchanan Reform, Inc., Angela "Bay" Buchanan, treasurer

(k) Norine F. Bills (l) David F. Bremner

(m) Bernard Brueggemann (n) Kimberly Bucher

(o) Donald J. Buse (p) Marcus A. Cannon

(q) Thomas I. Carocci (r) John E. Carter

(s) Thomas Carter (t) Thomas J. Carter

(u) Phyllis M. Chait (v) Page B. Clagett

(w) Louise Clark (x) George M. Claypole

(y) Jerry A. Cogan, Jr. (z) Victor Colombini

(aa) Lois Conkle (bb) Robert J. Davey, III

(cc) Clyde V. Davis (dd) Amee Dedrik

(ee) Nicholas Dieterich (ff) Evelyn Elmers

(gg) Julia Ferreira (hh) Herbert Fischer

(ii) Larry Flach (jj) Zadalee Furlano

(kk) Joseph A. Gagliardo, III (ll) Marguerite G. Gaissert

(mm) Calista L. Garey (nn) Elizabeth Garrett

(oo) Mr. Eric Gentile (pp) Mrs. Eric A. Gentile

(qq) Peter Glickert (rr) Clyde Greco

(ss) Theodore Grob (tt) Frederick W. Guardabassi

(uu) Anthony R. Hacker (vv) Florence B. Halbardier

(ww) Helen Harrison (xx) Betty Heldstab

(yy) Chris Herndon (zz) Alma Hitchcock

(ab) Daniel Hoolihan (ac) Margaret Hotze

(ad) Janet J. Houston (ae) Dwight G. Hudson

(af) Alyssa Humphreys (ag) Stuart C. Irby

(ah) George D. Jacobs (ai) M. G. Jacob

(aj) Andrew E. Johnson (ak) Cyrus R. Jones

(al) Sandra Joseph (am) Clarence P. Keating, Jr.

(an) Elizabeth Q. Kelly (ao) John Kortebein

(ap) Victor J. Lustig (aq) Frank Lynch

(ar) William B. Matthews (as) Dennis J. McCook

(at) Scott McKenzie (au) Signe McQuaid

(av) Kevin P. McVicker (aw) Carolyn S. Melby

(ax) Alfred Mercer (ay) Joy Michael

(az) Michael C. Mireur (ba) David Naftzinger

(bc) Nellie O’Connor (bd) Helen O’Donnell

(be) Marguerite M. Paul (bf) James B. Perry, II

(bg) Norvell Phelps (bh) John Quigg

(bi) William Quinn (bj) J.K. Roach

(bk) Mary Rogge (bl) Aleksandra Rywelski

(bm) Mary W. Sanders (bn) Sue Schulten

(bo) Robert Schwartz (bp) Ben Scoles

(bq) David Scott (br) Jay R. Seaver

(bs) Lucille C. Seifert (bt) Marilyn Senogles

(bu) Alexander Shively (by) Abe Siemens

(bw) Maryann Smith (bx) Ray C. Swanson

(by) Mr. Harold Thomas (bz) Mrs. Harold B. Thomas

(ca) Richard Thompson (cb) Lucile M.R. Tournat

(cd) John Wagner (ce) Joshua Wilkening

(cf) Vesper T. White (cg) Bill Williams

(ch) Albert R. Wilkins, Jr. (ci) Frederick P. Williams

(cj) Lyman W. Wing (ck) Christy A. Zeitz

COMPLAINANT: Stephen Marks
SUBJECT: Excessive contributions; contribution in the name of another
DISPOSITION: (a-h) Reason to believe, but took no further action*

[re: contribution in the name of another]

(i) No reason to believe*

[re: contribution in the name of another]

(j-ck) No reason to believe*

[re: excessive contributions]

DOCUMENTS ON PUBLIC RECORD: First General Counsel’s Report; certification of vote by Commissioners (dated May 15, 2001); General Counsel’s Report #2; certification of vote by Commissioners (dated January 28, 2002)
4. MUR 5083
RESPONDENTS: (a) National Stonewall Democrats

(b) National Stonewall Democratic Federation, Michael Perez, treasurer

(c) Gore 2000, Inc., Jose Villareal, treasurer

(d) Citizens for Harkin, Theresa L. Kehoe, treasurer

COMPLAINANT: Cave Leach, Prayer and Action News
SUBJECT: Disclaimer; failure to file an independent expenditure statement, corporate contribution
DISPOSITION: (a) Reason to believe, but took no further action*

[re: Disclaimer; failure to file an independent expenditure statement, corporate contribution]

Sent admonishment letter.

(b-d) No reason to believe*

[re: disclaimer]

DOCUMENTS ON PUBLIC RECORD: First General Counsel’s Report; certification of vote by Commissioners (dated April 23, 2002)


*There are four administrative stages to the FEC enforcement process:

1. Receipt of proper complaint 3. "Probable cause" stage
2. "Reason to believe" stage 4. Conciliation stage

It requires the votes of at least four of the six Commissioners to take any action. The FEC can close a case at any point after reviewing a complaint. If a violation is found and conciliation cannot be reached, then the FEC can institute a civil court action against a respondent.