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2019 edition of Federal Election Campaign Laws now available

April 24, 2019

Federal Election Campaign Laws thumbnail cover

Printed copies of the 2019 edition of Federal Election Campaign Laws are now available from the Commission. The compilation contains all federal campaign finance statutes, along with a conversion table showing the changes from Title 2 U.S.C. to Title 52 U.S.C. It incorporates recent changes to the statute, including the extension of the administrative fine program and the point of entry for Senate filings.

Federal Election Campaign Laws also contains relevant statutes administered by other government agencies, including:

  • Sections of the tax code administered by the Internal Revenue Service that govern tax-exempt 501(c) groups and section 527 political organizations (additional provisions of 26 U.S.C. also apply);
  • Laws administered by the Federal Communications Commission that govern broadcast communications; and
  • Criminal provisions administered by the Department of Justice that relate to elections and political activity.

Contact the Commission's Information Division at 1-800-424-9530 (menu option 6) to order printed copies of Federal Election Campaign Laws at no charge. You may also email the Information Division to place an order at

The compilation is also available in PDF format on the Commission's website.


  • Author 
    • Dorothy Yeager
    • Sr. Communications Specialist