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Convention committees and host committees

The principal purpose of a host committee or, alternatively, of a municipal fund (any fund or account of a government agency, municipality, or municipal corporation, the receipt and use of funds of which is subject to the control of officials of the state or local government), is the encouragement of commerce in the convention city and the projection of a favorable image of the city to convention attendees. 

A convention committee represents a political party in making arrangements for that party's convention to nominate a candidate for the office of President and Vice President.

Reporting requirements

The following reporting requirements apply to both host and convention committees:

  • A post-convention report must be filed on the earlier of 60 days following the last day the convention is officially in session or 20 days prior to the presidential general election. The covered period ends 15 days before the filing deadline.
  • Quarterly reports must be filed no later than 15 days following the last day of the covered period, except for the year-end report, which is due January 31. Any quarterly report due within 20 days before or after the convention need not be filed, and in lieu of such quarterly report a post-convention report must be filed.
  • The final report by a host committee must be filed no later than 10 days after activity relating to the presidential nominating convention has ceased.

Both committees file their reports on Form 4 and are required to include receipts and disbursements.