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Administrative fines file metadata

This file contains a list of completed cases where committees have been identified for failure to file required disclosure reports or for filing reports after the deadline. In general, political committees (including federal campaigns, parties and PACs) are required to file financial reports with the Commission on a regular basis - usually either quarterly or monthly.

Beginning with the July 15, 2000, quarterly reports, the Commission implemented this new program to assess civil money penalties (or fines) for violations involving:

  • Failure to file reports on time;

  • Failure to file reports at all; and

  • Failure to file 48-hour notices (reports of specific contributions of $1,000 or more received within 20 days of an election).

The Administrative Fine program is based on amendments to the Federal Election Campaign Act (the Act) that permit the FEC to impose fines, calculated using published schedules, for violations of reporting requirements that relate to the reporting periods that end on or before December 31, 2013. Committee treasurers may be liable for fines if reports are not filed or not filed on time.

Information in this file

Tag Field name Data type Description Range Explanation
cas_num Case Number Number Unique identifier for Administrative Fines cases Internally generated sequential number for each Administrative Fines case.
com_id Committee ID Character Character C followed by eight digits 9 characters Unique nine digit identifier used by the Commission to identify each political committee. In general committee id's begin with the letter C which is followed by eight
com_nam Committee Name Character Name of committee or other entity registered with the FEC Max 90 characters This is the name of the committee failing to file or filing a report late
rep_typ Report Type Character 3 character abbreviation for report submitted late
rep_yea Report Year Number Calendar year covered by the report 4 digits Calendar year covered by the report
fin_amo Fine Amount Currency Total Fine Amount The Penalty ultimately approved by the FEC
off Office Character Office Sought by Candidate 1 character (H=House, S=Senate, P=President)
sta State Character Postal State Abbreviation 2 characters
dis District Number House district number 2 digits
can_nam Candidate Name Text Candidate Name
lat_fil_not_fil Late Filed/Not Filed Boolean L=Late, N=not filed
pai_yes_no Paid (Yes/No) Boolean Y=yes, N=No, P=Pending Note: if the fine amount is $0 this column is not applicable