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On October 18, 1996, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Oakland Division, dismissed this case.

Clinton Reilly, doing business as California Democratic Voter Checklist, asked the court to stop the FEC's investigation of him because he believed the Commission had no jurisdiction over his for-profit operation.

Mr. Reilly's slate mail business distributes lists of federal, state and local candidates and advocates their election or defeat. Mr. Reilly sold and donated space to candidates and initiative committees who wished to appear on a slate card that he distributed to voters. He said Checklist was not a political committee under the Federal Election Campaign Act (the Act).

As an alternative, Mr. Reilly asked the court to find that his business had no reporting obligations under the Act other than reporting free or reduced-cost space on the voting slate as independent expenditures.

In a related case, FEC v. California Democratic Voter Checklist, the court resolved many of the same issues raised in Reilly in the Commission's favor. Accordingly, both Mr. Reilly and the FEC agreed to the dismissal of this case.

Source:   FEC Record -- January 1997.