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FEC v. Bull for Congress


On June 8, 1990, the U.S. District Court for the District of Maine imposed civil penalties on defendants Chipman C. Bull for Congress, the principal campaign committee for Mr. Bull's 1984 House campaign, and Denise M. Deshane, the committee treasurer, for violating several provisions of the Federal Election Campaign Act. (Civil Action No. 88-0037-B.) In earlier rulings of September 13, 1989, and January 9, 1990, the court found that defendants had violated the law by:

  • Knowingly accepting $8,937.50 in excessive contributions from three individuals whose contributions took several forms-direct contributions, guarantees of a $10,000 bank loan and interest payments made on the loan (2 U.S.C. §441a(f));
  • Failing to disclose the identification of the three guarantors of the bank loan (§434(b)(3)(E)); and
  • Failing to meet the filing deadlines for the two reports covering 1985 activity (§434(a)(2)(B)).

In its June 8 order, the court adopted the civil penalties recommended by a United States Magistrate and assessed a penalty of $18,437.50 against the committee and a $500 penalty against the treasurer.

Source: FEC RecordAugust 1990