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PACs, parties and other committees

The Commission displays summary financial figures on PACs, parties and other committees.

Lists available to research committees:

  • All PACs and party committees, with addresses, treasurer names and ID numbers, arranged alphabetically or by state
  • PACs arranged alphabetically by sponsoring organization
  • PACs with figures of their receipts, disbursements and cash on hand for the current election cycle
  • PACs ranked by receipts
  • Newly registered committees in the current election cycle
  • Multicandidate committees with their date of qualification.
  • Computer search capability for PAC names when only a key word in the title or treasurer's name is known

Checklist to research a specific committee:

  • List of all documents filed by the committee
    Summary financial figures on total receipts, disbursements, contributions to federal committees, cash on hand and debts and obligations owed to and by the committee.
  • Itemized list of individual contributions given to the committee
    Contributions made to candidates by the committee, including independent expenditures for or against candidates.
  • FEC enforcement actions and litigation relating to the committee
  • FEC audits of the committee
  • FEC advisory opinions issued to the committee.
  • Computer search system of persons, corporations, labor organizations and others contributing to non-federal accounts of the political committees.
  • Campaign finance reports from 1972 to the present filed by the committee, itemizing receipts and disbursements. (Please note, that PAC and party filings are available on the website from 1993 to the present. The exception to that are Senate party filings which are available from May 2000 to the present. For years previous, please contact the Public Records Office.)

For assistance, contact the Public Records Office

1-800-424-9530 (menu option 2)