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Example scenario

Allocating joint fundraising start-up costs

Participants may advance funds to the joint fundraising representative for start-up costs of the fundraiser, in proportion to the agreed upon allocation formula.


Committees A, B and C determine they need $2,000 in start-up costs. According to their allocation formula (Committees A and B, 25 percent each; Committee C, 50 percent), Committees A and B each advance $500 to the joint fundraising representative, and Committee C, $1,000. If, however, Committee C advances the entire $2,000, it has made a $500 contribution to each of the other committees.

Participants report each advance of funds to the joint fundraising representative as a disbursement in the form of a “transfer made.” The joint fundraising representative reports each transfer as a receipt in the form of a “transfer received.”

If a participant advances funds on behalf of the other participants, those advances are reported as an in-kind contribution made.