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Nonconnected committee coordinated communication subway sign disclaimer example

This subway billboard is an example of a coordinated public communication that is paid for by a nonconnected committee and is authorized by a candidate committee.

Coordinated Communication by nonconnected committee image_Example.jpg

Coordinated Communication by nonconnected committee subway_example.jpg

Any public communication made by a political committee—including communications that do not expressly advocate the election or defeat of a clearly identified federal candidate or solicit a contribution—must display a disclaimer. Disclaimers on public communications that are authorized by the candidate or campaign but paid for by a political action committee must identify the person who paid for it and state that it was authorized by the candidate or campaign.

A disclaimer notice must be clearly and conspicuously displayed. A notice is not clearly and conspicuously displayed if the print is difficult to read or if the placement is easily overlooked. The disclaimer must be contained within a printed box set apart from the contents of the communication. The print of the disclaimer must be of sufficient size to be “clearly readable” by the recipient of the communication, and the print must have a reasonable degree of color contrast between the background and the printed statement.