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Trade association federations

A federation of trade associations may also establish an SSF. The federation may solicit SSF contributions from the restricted class of a member corporation of a trade association that is a member of the federation.


A trade association federation is an organization representing trade associations involved in the same or allied line of commerce.

Affiliation and solicitation

When a federation and its regional, state or local associations are affiliated, their respective SSFs are also affiliated and are treated as one political committee for purposes of the contribution limits. Affiliation is based on the relationship between the organizations, analyzed in terms of the circumstances indicating affiliation. Corporate members that are local units, or state leagues, may also act as collecting agents for the SSF of an affiliated organization.

Joint and delegated solicitations

A federation’s SSF and a member association’s SSF may also engage in joint solicitations. In addition, a member association may delegate its solicitation rights to the federation.