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How to report

PACs & other political committee contributions

Reporting on candidate forms

House and Senate committees report contributions received from other political committees on Form 3, Line 11(c). These contributions, including contributions from political action committees (PACs), are itemized on Schedule A, supporting Line 11(c), regardless of the amount of the contribution.

To itemize a contribution from a political committee, the committee discloses:

  • The committee’s name

  • Mailing address

  • Election to which a contribution was designated (indicated by checking “primary,” “general,” or “other” in the election designation box)

  • Date of receipt

  • Amount of receipt

  • Aggregate election-cycle-to-date total of all receipts from the source


The committee reports a political action committee contribution, in this case from Colonial PAC, on Schedule A, supporting Line 11(c). It includes the PAC’s name and mailing address. It also includes the date of receipt, amount of receipt, election designation and aggregate election cycle-to-date total for the contributor. The committee also reported the PAC’s FEC identification number, C00123456.

Reporting with FECFile

To enter a contribution from a political committee, go to the Summary Page tab, right click on “Line 11(c) Contributions from other political committees” and select ”new.”