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How to report

Candidate salary payments

A candidate may receive compensation from their principal campaign committee only under certain conditions. Candidates are limited to a maximum amount of compensation they may receive from campaign funds and the period during which they may receive compensation.

Reporting on the candidate forms

House and Senate committees report candidate salary payments in the “Operating expenditures” category on Form 3, Line 17. The candidate salary payment will be itemized on Schedule B, supporting Line 17, once payments to the candidate aggregate more than $200 in an election cycle.

Candidate Salary_Schedule B

The committee reports the disbursement to the candidate, Martha Washington, as an operating expenditure on Schedule B, supporting Line 17. It includes the candidate’s address, date paid, amount paid, and a clear purpose of disbursement, "Salary Payment."

If using a payroll company to pay salaries, committees must report information regarding the payroll company and the ultimate recipients of the salary payments.

Reporting with FECFile

Go to the Disbursement tab. Click on the “Edit” menu and choose “New.” Then, select "Operating expenditure [17].” In the Description field, make sure to enter the purpose of disbursement, “Salary Payment.”