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How to report

Levin fund receipts

State, district and local party committees may raise Levin funds , which are a category of funds that can be used for certain types of Federal Election Activity (FEA) .

Freedom Party State Committee determines that it wants to begin raising Levin funds and sets up a separate account for this purpose. The party raised $12,000 in donations of less than $200 apiece from various individuals. In addition, one individual made a $10,000 donation to the party’s Levin account.

Reporting Levin funds received from individuals

Aggregate receipts of Levin funds are reported on Schedule L. Total Levin fund donations received from individuals, committees and other entities that aggregate to $200 or more for the calendar year should be reported on Line 1(a) of Schedule L. Unitemized receipts are reported on Line 1(b).

Image of reporting example for party's Levin activites (FEA  01) on Schedule L

Freedom State Party Committee reports the $12,000 in donations from various individuals on Line 1(b), since they are all less than $200 apiece for the calendar year. The $10,000 donation from one individual is reported on Line 1(a) because it is required to be itemized.

Itemizing receipts (Schedule L-A)

The committee must also itemize any receipts of Levin funds aggregating $200 or more in a calendar year on Schedule L-A.

To itemize a Levin fund receipt, the committee discloses:

  • Name of the source of receipt
  • Mailing address
  • Employer (if an individual)
  • Occupation (if an individual)
  • Date of receipt
  • Amount of receipt
  • Aggregate year-to-date total of all receipts from the source
Image of an itemized receipt to a Party's Levin Fund (FEA 02) on a Schedule L-A

Freedom Party State Committee reports the $10,000 donation on Schedule L-A, since it is more than $200. They disclose all information required for itemization: the name, address, employer and occupation of the individual, the date and amount of the contribution, and the aggregate year-to-date total for the contributor.

Other receipts of Levin funds

Other receipts such as refunds, uncashed checks, or interest accrued should be reported on Schedule L, Line 2. Use a separate Schedules L-A to itemize any other receipt of $200 or more.

Reporting with FECFile

Levin fund receipts from individuals (Schedule L-A)

To enter a receipt of Levin Funds from an individual on Schedule L-A, go to the Summary Page tab, right click on “SL Levin Funds” and select “new.” Choose the account name and select “OK.” Right click Line 1(a) and select “new.”