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How to report

Coordinated party expenditures

National party committees and state party committees may make special expenditures in connection with the general election campaigns of federal candidates. These coordinated party expenditures do not count against the contribution limits but are subject to a different set of limits. Additionally, coordinated party expenditures must be made with federally permissible funds only.

Itemizing Coordinated Party Expenditures (Schedule F)

To itemize a coordinated expenditure, the committee discloses:

  • Name of payee
  • Address of payee
  • Purpose of disbursement (a brief description of why the disbursement was made)
  • Identification of the candidate supported, the office sought, state and district (if applicable)
  • Date of expenditure
  • Amount of expenditure
  • The aggregate general election expenditure total for each candidate supported.
Party committee's itemization of a coordinated party expenditure on Form 3X Schedule F

Freedom Party State Committee spent $20,000 conducting Coordinated Party Expenditures on behalf of a House candidate and reported it on Schedule F.

Since no other party committee designated Freedom State Party Committee to make coordinated party expenditures, they checked “No.” If the Committee had been designated to make such expenditures, they would need to check “Yes” and provide the name of the designating committee.

(The coordinated party expenditure totals that appear on Schedule F are entered on Lines 25 of the Form 3X Detailed Summary Page.)

Coordinated party expenditures made or disseminated in one reporting period but paid in another

When the service is provided or the communication is publicly disseminated or distributed and then paid for in a later reporting period, the committee reports the coordinated expenditure on Schedule F as a memo entry. The committee reports a debt incurred on Schedule D. When the payment is made, the Committee reports a payment on Schedule F and the same payment on Schedule D (cross-referencing Schedule F). The committee should indicate the date of original service/dissemination in the purpose field.

When the payment is made, the report w payment on Schedule F and the same payment on Schedule D (cross referencing Schedule F). Indicate the date of original service/ dissemination in the purpose box.

Reporting with FECFile

To enter a coordinated expenditure go to the Summary Page tab, right click on “Line 25 Coordinated expenditures” and select ”new.”