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Electioneering communications periods: special elections (2023)

Electioneering communications (EC) are television and radio communications that refer to a clearly identified federal candidate and are distributed to the relevant electorate within 60 days prior to a general election (including a special general or special general runoff) or 30 days prior to a primary, nominating convention or caucus (including a special primary). Individuals and other persons who make ECs that aggregate in excess of $10,000 in the calendar year must file disclosure statements with the Commission within 24 hours of distribution to the public.

The following chart provides a breakdown of the electioneering communications periods for 2023 special elections. For a chronological listing, consult the FEC Calendar.

During these periods, 24-hour disclosure of ECs is required. (Use Form 9.)

Electioneering communications periods for 2023 special elections

Special electionElection dateEC 24-Hour Notice period
Virginia 4th Congressional District
Special General
02/21/202312/23/2022 - 02/21/2023