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AO 2010-07

Yes on FAIR


Federal candidate solicitation for a State ballot initiative committee under 2 U.S.C. 441i(e).


Final opinion June 14, 2010
Date Name Document type
07/08/2010 Concurring Opinion (Vice Chair Bauerly and Commissioners Walther and Weintraub) Commissioner Statements
06/30/2010 Concurring Opinion (Chairman Petersen and Commissioners Hunter and McGahn) Commissioner Statements
06/14/2010 2010-07 Final Opinion
06/14/2010 Vote Votes
05/27/2010 Vote Votes
05/25/2010 Comment on Agenda Document No. 10-29 by Yes on FAIR Comments and Ex parte Communications
05/21/2010 Draft AO, Agenda Document No. 10-29 Draft Documents
05/10/2010 Late Comment on AOR by Voters First Act Comments and Ex parte Communications
04/27/2010 Comment on AOR by Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21 Comments and Ex parte Communications
04/07/2010 Request by Yes on FAIR AO Request, Supplemental Material, and Extensions of Time


Role Name Type
Requestor Yes on FAIR Other
Counsel/Representative Svoboda, Brian G. Individual
Counsel/Representative Keane, Kate Sawyer Individual
Counsel/Representative Perkins Coie LLP Law Firm
Counsel/Representative Dudovitz, Aimee Individual
Counsel/Representative Woocher, Frederic D. Individual
Counsel/Representative Strumwasser & Woocher LLP Law Firm
Commenter Democracy 21 Research/Public Interest/Educational Institution
Commenter Campaign Legal Center Research/Public Interest/Educational Institution
Commenter Simon, Donald J. Individual
Commenter Wertheimer, Fred Individual
Commenter Ryan, Paul S. Individual
Commenter Yes on FAIR Other
Commenter Sonosky, Chambers, Sachse, Endreson & Perry LLP Law Firm
Commenter Voters First Act Membership Organization, Cooperative, Corporation W/O Capital Stock
Commenter Munger, Charles T. Individual
Commenter Keane, Kate Sawyer Individual
Commenter Svoboda, Brian G. Individual
Commenter Perkins Coie LLP Law Firm
Commenter Dudovitz, Aimee Individual
Commenter Strumwasser & Woocher LLP Law Firm
Commenter Woocher, Frederic D. Individual