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AO 2008-20

National Right to Life Committee, Inc.


Permissibility of corporation reimbursing a separate segregated fund for the costs of broadcasting an advertisement.


Final opinion January 30, 2009
Date Name Document type
01/30/2009 AO 2008-20 Final Opinion
01/29/2009 Vote Votes
01/23/2009 Draft AO (OGC), Agenda Document No. 09-05 Draft Documents
12/01/2008 Request by National Right to Life Committee AO Request, Supplemental Material, and Extensions of Time


Role Name Type
Requestor National Right to Life Committee, Inc. Corporation (including LLCs electing corporate status)
Counsel/Representative Bopp, Coleson & Bostrom Law Firm
Counsel/Representative Bopp, Jr., James Individual
Counsel/Representative Coleson, Richard E. Individual
Counsel/Representative Callen, Clayton J. Individual