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Unverified filers file description

The unverified filers file contains a list of committees that have not verified their registration information.

The Federal Election Commission works to ensure all filings are accurate and complete. As part of that process, the Commission asks filers whose registration forms contain questionable information to verify its accuracy. The Commission separates the data from these filers' reports, and excludes it from database searches and the agency's official campaign finance statistics.

Column name Field name Position Null Data type Description Example data
COMMITTEE_ID Committee identification 1 N VARCHAR2(9) A 9-character alpha-numeric code assigned to a committee by the Federal Election Commission. The committee ID for a specific committee always remains the same. C00123456
COMMITTEE_NAME Committee name 2 Y VARCHAR2(200) Banner the Dog for President
FILED_CMTE_TP_DESC Committee type description 3 Y VARCHAR2(32) P
FIRST_RECEIPT_DT First receipt date 4 Y Date MM/DD/YYYY 09/24/2018
FILINGS_URL URL for list of filings 5 Y URL