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All candidates file description

The all candidates file contains summary financial information for each candidate who raised or spent money during the period, regardless of when they are up for election.

The file has one record per candidate and shows information about the candidate, total receipts, transfers received from authorized committees, total disbursements, transfers given to authorized committees, cash-on-hand totals, loans and debts, and other financial summary information. The end-of-line (EOL) marker is line feed '\n' (LF, 0x0A, 10 in decimal).

Data timing

This file is completely dependent on summary information reported by the campaign. The time period covered by this file may be more recent than other data files (like the post-cycle candidate summary file). During the primary election season, the period covered may be different for candidates in different states, depending on their primary dates. Since the data is timelier, some of the information in this file is less precise than information in the post-cycle candidate summary file. For example, breakouts by special interest group code are not possible.

Double-counted financial activity

A candidate’s financial summary may have double-counted financial activity. If a candidate has more than one committee authorized to raise and spend funds on their behalf, the activity in this file combines these committees. If the committees transfer funds back and forth to each other, this activity would be counted twice. Information about “transfers to authorized committees” and “transfers from authorized committees” is included in the file. If there are values in both of these fields, subtract these from the total receipts and total disbursements for a more accurate value of the candidate’s total activity.

All candidates file format

Column name Field name Position Null Data type Description Example data
CAND_ID Candidate identification 1 N VARCHAR2 (9) H8VA01233
CAND_NAME Candidate name 2 Y VARCHAR2(200) Martha Washington
CAND_ICI Incumbent challenger status 3 Y VARCHAR2(1) I
PTY_CD Party code 4 Y VARCHAR2(1) NON
TTL_RECEIPTS Total receipts 6 Y Number(14,2) 345,456.34
TRANS_FROM_AUTH Transfers from authorized committees 7 Y Number(14,2) 4000.00
TTL_DISB Total disbursements 8 Y Number(14,2) 175645.21
TRANS_TO_AUTH Transfers to authorized committees 9 Y Number(14,2) 0.00
COH_BOP Beginning cash 10 Y Number(14,2) 845901.23
COH_COP Ending cash 11 Y Number(14,2) 915671.43
CAND_CONTRIB Contributions from candidate 12 Y Number(14,2) 500.00
CAND_LOANS Loans from candidate 13 Y Number(14,2) 250000.00
OTHER_LOANS Other loans 14 Y Number(14,2) 0.00
CAND_LOAN_REPAY Candidate loan repayments 15 Y Number(14,2) 100000.00
OTHER_LOAN_REPAY Other loan repayments 16 Y Number(14,2) 0.00
DEBTS_OWED_BY Debts owed by 17 Y Number(14,2) 250.00
TTL_INDIV_CONTRIB Total individual contributions 18 Y Number(14,2) 450000.00
CAND_OFFICE_ST Candidate state 19 Y VARCHAR2(2 VA
CAND_OFFICE_DISTRICT Candidate district 20 Y VARCHAR2(2) 01
SPEC_ELECTION Special election status 21 Y VARCHAR2(1) Election result data included in 1996-2006 files only. W
PRIM_ELECTION Primary election status 22 Y VARCHAR2(1) Election result data included in 1996-2006 files only. L
RUN_ELECTION Runoff election status 23 Y VARCHAR2(1) Election result data included in 1996-2006 files only. L
GEN_ELECTION General election status 24 Y VARCHAR2(1) Election result data included in 1996-2006 files only. W
GEN_ELECTION_PRECENT General election percentage 25 Y Number(7,4) Election result data included in 1996-2006 files only. 63.2
OTHER_POL_CMTE_CONTRIB Contributions from other political committees 26 Y Number(14,2) 200000.00
POL_PTY_CONTRIB Contributions from party committees 27 Y Number(14,2) 200000.00
CVG_END_DT Coverage end date 28 Y DATE(MM/DD/YYYY) Through date 10/19/2018
INDIV_REFUNDS Refunds to individuals 29 Y Number(14,2) 4000.00
CMTE_REFUNDS Refunds to committees 30 Y Number(14,2) 100.00