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Aggregates of individual contributions and “is_individual”

Individual contributions aggregates, except /committee/{committee_id}/schedules/schedule_a/by_size/ and ​/schedules​/schedule_a​/by_size​/, are the sum of individual itemized contributions. Our “is_individual” function determines and flags contributions as “itemized contributions from individuals.” /Committee/{committee_id}/schedules/schedule_a/by_size/ and ​/schedules​/schedule_a​/by_size​/ include unitemized individual contributions.

Our “is_individual” function includes transaction types 10, 10J, 11, 11J, 15, 15E, 15J, 30, 30J, 30T, 31, 31J, 31T, 32, 32J and 32T Transaction type code descriptions. These transactions types are usually reported on Lines 11(a)(i), 12 of Form 3, on Lines 11(a)(i), 12 and 17 of Form 3X and on Lines 17(a)(i) and 18 of Form 3P. In addition, the function includes transactions of $200 and less with null memo code on Lines 11(a)(i) and 12 of Forms 3 and 3X and Lines 17(a), 17(a)(i) and 18 of Form 3P.