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Earmarked contributions

Earmarking basics

An earmarked contribution is a contribution which a contributor directs to a clearly identified federal candidate or a candidate’s authorized campaign committee, either orally or in writing ...

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Committee treasurers (2017)

Every political committee must designate a treasurer before it can accept contributions or make expenditures. In fact, if a committee is ever without a treasurer, it cannot raise or spend ...

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Preparing for the next election (2018)

This article highlights some basic rules for candidates and campaign committees as they prepare for the 2018 elections.

Candidate definition

Under federal law, an individual becomes a “candidate” when he ...

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Campaign debt

After an election, some House and Senate campaigns have outstanding debts, including money owed to campaign vendors. Campaigns must report debts and obligations continuously until repaid.

Debt reporting thresholds

  • A ...
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Contribution limits for 2017-2018

Under the Federal Election Campaign Act (the Act), certain contribution limits are indexed for inflation every two years, based on the change in the cost of living since 2001, which ...

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