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  • Contribution limits
    Current contribution limit information


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  • Browse individual contributions

    Browse individual contributions

  • Contributions

    ...Contributions Prohibited sources of contributionsThe Federal Election... Campaign Act prohibits contributions from certain sources made in connection

  • Refunds of contributions

    Refunds of contributions Refunds made by the committeeWhen a committee... refunds a contribution to a donor, the committee must include the disbursement

  • Handling a questionable contribution

    Handling a questionable contribution A campaign is prohibited from... knowingly accepting any contributions from prohibited sources. The treasurer of a

  • Contributions to party committees

    ...Contributions to party committees Types of contributionsA contribution is... election. Contributions are subject to the limits and prohibitions of the

  • Contributions made by party committees

    ...Contributions made by party committees Contributions to influence federal... contribution that exceeds the limits is a violation of the Act. Types of

  • Contributions to nonconnected PACs from partnerships

    ...Contributions to nonconnected PACs from partnerships A partnership may... make monetary or in-kind contributions aggregating up to $5,000 per calendar

  • Types of contributions to nonconnected PACs

    Types of contributions to nonconnected PACs A contribution is anything of... contributions are:Gifts of money;Gifts of goods and services (“in-kind

  • Contribution limits

    ...Contribution limits Under the Federal Election Campaign Act, contributions... placed on contributions to a candidate’s campaign. The limits apply to all

  • Making contributions to other candidates

    Making contributions to other candidates A federal candidate committee may

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