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  • Bitcoin contributions

    Bitcoin contributions A committee can receive bitcoins as contributions. The Act...Act defines a “contribution” to include “any gift, subscription, loan, advance

  • Voided contributions

    Voided contributions Party committees occasionally issue contributions that the...does not deposit. For example, the contribution is returned, uncashed, or lost.

  • Earmarked contributions

    How to report Earmarked contributions When a party committee receives and forwards...forwards an earmarked contribution to a candidate or a candidate’s authorized

  • Refunded contributions

    Refunded contributions When a party committee makes a contribution that the...reports receiving a refund of its contribution to Hegel for Congress on Line 16

  • Partnership and LLC contributions

    Partnership and LLC contributions Partnerships and limited liability companies...partnerships for tax purposes may make contributions to influence federal elections

  • FEC v. Political Contributions Data

    FEC v. Political Contributions Data Summary Summary On August 21, 1991, the...Second Circuit ruled that Political Contributions Data, Inc., did not violate 2 U

  • Redesignating contributions given

    How to report Redesignating contributions given A candidate committee may committee to redesignate a contribution (or a portion of it) for a different

  • Contributions to federal candidates

    How to report Contributions to federal candidates Reporting on Form making contributions to federal candidates in the “contributions to federal

  • Contributions made by party committees

    ...Contributions made by party committees Contributions to influence federal elections...Federal Election Campaign Act. A contribution that exceeds the limits is a violation

  • Contributions and transfers from federal candidate committees

    How to report Contributions and transfers from federal candidate committees...When a party committee receives a contribution or a transfer from a federal candidate

861 results