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  • Chronological index: 1975-1979 E&Js

    Congress: October 8, 1975 Effective Date: None 94-409_1 July 31, 1975 and September...Congress: October 8, 1975 Effective Date: None 94-409_2 December 3, 1975 December 2

  • Giffords v. FEC (19-1192)

    ...federal candidates. Giffords claims none of the complaints have been acted upon

  • Orloski v. FEC

    ...guidelines" for the second part of the test. None of the communications made in conjunction...them the opportunity to respond";Since none of the facts of the case were in dispute

  • Renato P. Mariani v. USA

    Commerce. Though the court stated that none of these cases directly addressed the

  • Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee v. FEC (93-1321)

    Georgia on November 3, 1992, in which none of the candidates for U.S. Senate won

  • Brown, et al. v. FEC (19-1021)

    ...constitutionality and asked the court to find that none of the four advertisements at issue

  • Martin Tractor Co. v. FEC

    ...the Act. The Commission argued that none of the plaintiffs were eligible to bring

  • Committee for Jimmy Carter v. FEC

    ...expenditures. In the Commission's view, none of these constituted qualified campaign

  • National Chamber Alliance for Politics v. FEC

    ...the Act. The Commission argued that none of the plaintiffs were eligible to bring

  • FEC v. Dear for Congress (03CV2897)

    ...refunded to contributors when, in fact, none of the refunds had been made when the

30 results