§ 9035.2 Limitation on expenditures from personal or family funds.

    1. 1. (1) No candidate who has accepted matching funds shall knowingly make expenditures from his or her personal funds, or funds of his or her immediate family, in connection with his or her campaign for nomination for election to the office of President which exceed $50,000, in the aggregate. This section shall not operate to prohibit any member of the candidate's immediate family from contributing his or her personal funds to the candidate, subject to the limitations of 11 CFR part 110. The provisions of this section also shall not limit the candidate's liability for, nor the candidate's ability to pay, any repayments required under 11 CFR part 9038. If the candidate or his or her committee knowingly incurs expenditures in excess of the limitations of 11 CFR 110.8(a), the Commission may seek civil penalties under 11 CFR part 111 in addition to any repayment determinations made on the basis of such excessive expenditures.

    2. 2. (2) Expenditures made using a credit card for which the candidate is jointly or solely liable will count against the limits of this section to the extent that the full amount due, including any finance charge, is not paid by the committee within 60 days after the closing date of the billing statement on which the charges first appear. For purposes of this section, the closing date shall be the date indicated on the billing statement which serves as the cutoff date for determining which charges are included on that billing statement.

  1. b. (b) For purposes of this section, the term immediate family means a candidate, spouse, and any child, parent, grandparent, brother, half-brother, sister, or half-sister of the candidate, and the spouses of such persons.

  2. c. (c) For purposes of this section, personal funds has the same meaning as specified in 11 CFR 9003.2.