§ 9034.3 Non-matchable contributions.

A contribution to a candidate other than one which meets the requirements of 11 CFR 9034.2 is not matchable. Contributions which are not matchable include, for example:

  1. a. (a) In-kind contributions of real or personal property;

  2. b. (b) A subscription, loan, advance, or deposit of money, or anything of value;

  3. c. (c) A contract, promise, or agreement, whether or not legally enforceable, such as a pledge card to make a contribution for any such purposes (but a gift of money by written instrument is not rendered unmatchable solely because the contribution was preceded by a promise or pledge);

  4. d. (d) Funds from a corporation, labor organization, government contractor, political committee as defined in 11 CFR 100.5 or any group of persons other than those under 11 CFR 9034.2(c)(3);

  5. e. (e) Contributions which are made or accepted in violation of 52 U.S.C. 30116, 30118, 30119, 30121, 30122, or 30123;

  6. f. (f) Contributions in the form of a check drawn on the account of a committee, corporation, union or government contractor even though the funds represent personal funds earmarked by a contributing individual to a Presidential candidate;

  7. g. (g) Contributions in the form of the purchase price paid for an item with significant intrinsic and enduring value, such as a watch;

  8. h. (h) Contributions in the form of the purchase price paid for or other otherwise induced by a chance to participate in a raffle, lottery, or a similar drawing for valuable prizes;

  9. i. (i) Contributions which are made by persons without the necessary donative intent to make a gift or made for any purpose other than to influence the result of a primary election;

  10. j. (j) Contributions of currency of the United States or currency of any foreign country; and

  11. k. (k) Contributions redesignated for a different election or redesignated for a legal and accounting compliance fund pursuant to 11 CFR 9003.3.