§ 116.10 Disputed debts.

  1. a. (a) Reporting disputed debts. A political committee shall report a disputed debt in accordance with 11 CFR 104.3(d) and 104.11 if the creditor has provided something of value to the political committee. Until the dispute is resolved, the political committee shall disclose on the appropriate reports any amounts paid to the creditor, any amount the political committee admits it owes and the amount the creditor claims is owed. The political committee may also note on the appropriate reports that the disclosure of the disputed debt does not constitute an admission of liability or a waiver of any claims the political committee may have against the creditor. ( See also 11 CFR 9035.1(a)(2) regarding the effect of disputed debts on a candidate's expenditure limitations under 11 CFR part 9035.)

  2. b. (b) Disputed debts owed by terminating committees. If a terminating committee and a creditor have been unable to resolve a disputed debt, and the terminating committee files a debt settlement plan covering other debts or other creditors, the terminating committee shall include in the debt settlement plan a brief description as to the nature of the dispute and the status of the terminating committee's efforts to resolve the dispute. The debt settlement plan need not include a signed affidavit from the creditor involved in the dispute pursuant to 11 CFR 116.7(e)(2).