§ 111.18 Conciliation (52 U.S.C. 30109(a)(4)).

  1. a. (a) Upon a Commission finding of probable cause to believe, the Office of General Counsel shall attempt to correct or prevent the violation by informal methods of conference conciliation and persuasion, and shall attempt to reach a tentative conciliation agreement with the respondent.

  2. b. (b) A conciliation agreement is not binding upon either party unless and until it is signed by the respondent and by the General Counsel upon approval by the affirmative vote of four (4) members of the Commission.

  3. c. (c) If the probable cause to believe finding is made within forty-five days prior to any election, such conciliation attempt shall continue for at least fifteen (15) days from the date of such finding. In all other cases such attempts by the Commission shall continue for at least thirty (30) days, not to exceed ninety (90) days.

  4. d. (d) Nothing in these regulations shall be construed to prevent the Commission from entering into a conciliation agreement with a respondent prior to a Commission finding of probable cause if a respondent indicates by letter to the General Counsel a desire to enter into negotiations directed towards reaching such a conciliation agreement. However, the Commission is not required to enter into any negotiations directed towards reaching a conciliation agreement unless and until it makes a finding of probable cause to believe. Any conciliation agreement reached under this subsection is subject to the provisions of subsection (b) of this section and shall have the same force and effect as a conciliation agreement reached after a Commission finding of probable cause to believe.

  5. e. (e) If a conciliation agreement is reached between the Commission and the respondent, the General Counsel shall send a copy of the signed agreement to both complainant and respondent.