§ 102.2 Statement of organization: Forms and committee identification number (52 U.S.C. 30102(g), 30103(b), (c)).

  1. a. (a) Forms.

    1. 1. (1) The Statement of Organization shall be filed with the Commission on Federal Election Commission Form 1. The Statement shall be signed by the treasurer and shall include the following information:

      1. i. (i) The name, address, and type of committee;

      2. ii. (ii) The name, address, relationship, and type of any connected organization or affiliated committee in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section;

      3. iii. (iii) The name, address, and committee position of the custodian of books and accounts of the committee;

      4. iv. (iv) The name and address of the treasurer of the committee;

      5. v. (v) If the committee is authorized by a candidate, the name, office sought (including State and Congressional district, when applicable) and party affiliation of the candidate; and the address to which communications should be sent;

      6. vi. (vi) A listing of all banks, safe deposit boxes, or other depositories used by the committee;

      7. vii. (vii) The internet address of the committee's official website, if such a website exists. If the committee is required to file electronically under 11 CFR 104.18, its electronic mail address, if such an address exists; and

      8. viii. (viii) If the committee is a principal campaign committee of a candidate for the Senate or the House of Representatives, the principal campaign committee's electronic mail address.

    2. 2. (2) Any change or correction in the information previously filed in the Statement of Organization shall be reported no later than 10 days following the date of the change or correction by filing an amended Statement of Organization or, if the political committee is not required to file electronically under 11 CFR 104.18, by filing a letter noting the change(s). The amendment need list only the name of the political committee and the change or correction.

    3. 3. (3) A committee shall certify to the Commission that it has satisfied the criteria for becoming a multicandidate committee set forth at 11 CFR 100.5(e)(3) by filing FEC Form 1M no later than ten (10) calendar days after qualifying for multicandidate committee status.

  2. b. (b) For purposes of 11 CFR 102.2(a)(1)(ii), political committees shall disclose the names of any connected organization(s) or affiliated committee(s) in accordance with 11 CFR 102.2(b) (1) and (2).

    1. 1. (1) Affiliated committee includes any committee defined in 11 CFR 100.5(g), 110.3(a) or (b), or 110.14(j) or (k).

      1. i. (i) A principal campaign committee is required to disclose the names and addresses of all other authorized committees that have been authorized by its candidate. Authorized committees need only disclose the name of their principal campaign committee.

        1. A. (A) Political committees established by a single parent corporation, a single national or international union, a single organization or federation of national or international unions, a single national membership organization or trade association, or any other similar group of persons (other than political party organizations) are required to disclose the names and addresses of all political committees established by any subsidiary, or by any State, local, or other subordinate unit of a national or international union or federation thereof, or by any subordinate units of a national membership organization, trade association, or other group of persons (other than political party organizations).

        2. B. (B) Political committees established by subsidiaries, or by State, local, or other subordinate units are only required to disclose the name and address of each political committee established by their parent or superior body, e.g., parent corporation, national or international union or organization or federation of such unions, or national organization or trade association.

    2. 2. (2) Connected organization includes any organization defined at 11 CFR 100.6.

  3. c. (c) Committee identification number. Upon receipt of a Statement of Organization under 11 CFR part 102 by the Commission, an identification number shall be assigned to the committee, receipt shall be acknowledged, and the political committee shall be notified of the number assigned. This identification number shall be entered by the political committee on all subsequent reports or statements filed under the Act, as well as on all communications concerning reports and statements.