§ 102.13 Authorization of political committees (52 U.S.C. 30102(e)(1) and (3)).

    1. 1. (1) Any political committee authorized by a candidate to receive contributions or make expenditures shall be authorized in writing by the candidate. Such authorization must be filed with the principal campaign committee in accordance with 11 CFR 102.1(b).

    2. 2. (2) If an individual fails to disavow activity pursuant to 11 CFR 100.3(a)(3) and is therefore a candidate upon notice by the Commission, he or she shall authorize the committee in writing.

  1. b. (b) A candidate is not required to authorize a national, State or subordinate State party committee which solicits funds to be expended on the candidate's behalf pursuant to 11 CFR part 109, subpart D.

    1. 1. (1) No political committee which supports or has supported more than one candidate may be designated as an authorized committee, except that two or more candidates may designate a political committee established solely for the purpose of joint fundraising by such candidates as an authorized committee.

    2. 2. (2) For purposes of 11 CFR 102.13(c), the term support does not include contributions by an authorized committee in amounts aggregating $2,000 or less per election to an authorized committee of any other candidate, except that the national committee of a political party which has been designated as the principal campaign committee of that party's Presidential candidate may contribute to another candidate in accordance with 11 CFR part 109, subpart D and 11 CFR part 110.