§ 1.10 Disclosure of record to person other than the individual to whom it pertains.

  1. a. (a) Any individual who desires to have a record covered by this part disclosed to or mailed to another person may designate such person and authorize such person to act as his or her agent for that specific purpose. The authorization shall be in writing, signed by the individual and notarized or witnessed as provided in § 1.4(c).

  2. b. (b) The parent of any minor individual or the legal guardian of any individual who has been declared by a court of competent jurisdiction to be incompetent, due to physical or mental incapacity or age, may act on behalf of that individual in any matter covered by this part. A parent or guardian who desires to act on behalf of such an individual shall present suitable evidence of parentage or guardianship, by birth certificate, certified copy of a court order, or similar documents, and proof of the individual's identity in a form that complies with § 1.4(c) of this part.

  3. c. (c) An individual to whom a record is to be disclosed in person, pursuant to this part may have a person of his or her own choosing accompany him or her when the record is disclosed.