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Administrative terminations and debt settlement plans

On August 2, 2016, the Commission published a statement of policy with respect to placing certain documents on the public record integral to the administrative function of the agency. Such functions include Administrative Termination and Debt Settlement Plans that have circulated through the Office of the Secretary for the consideration and deliberation of the Commission in which the Commission ultimately approves the action. Documents provided include:

  • Memoranda from the Office of the General Counsel prepared for the Commission in connection with debt settlement plans and proposed administrative terminations circulated through the Office of the Secretary.
  • Certifications of Commission votes.

Administrative terminations

Administrative termination is the action taken by the Commission to terminate the reporting obligations of political committees that appear to be inactive in accordance with 52 U.S.C. 30103(d)(2) and 11 CFR 102.4. Administrative termination does not relieve a committee of any legal responsibility for the payment of any outstanding debt or obligations. Below are the committees that have been referred to the Office of General Counsel from the Reports Analysis Division for potential administrative termination.

Debt settlement plans

Debt settlement plans are referred to the Office of General Counsel from the Reports Analysis Division (RAD) per the RAD Review and Referral Procedures (see 11 CFR 116.7 for more information on debt settlement plans) .