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Advisory opinions

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The advisory opinion search feature includes all FEC advisory opinions (AOs) to date. You can search all FEC AOs using keywords, AO numbers, names of requestors and more. For additional search filters, you can still search AOs using our legacy AO search.

AO 2022-16: DSCC/DNC

Summary: Committee use of contributions deposited after the 10-day deadline

AO 2022-14: Google LLC

Summary: Technology corporation's provision of pilot program testing new features in email product to authorized candidate committees, political party committees, and leadership political action committees.

AO 2022-11: State Democracy Defenders PAC

Summary: Solicitation of nonfederal funds by state parties and chairs.

Closed Matters Under Review

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The MUR search feature includes all cases dating back to 1977. You can search all closed FEC MURs using keywords, MUR numbers, names of respondents and more. For additional search filters, you can still search MURs using our legacy FEC Enforcement Query System.


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