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AO 2013-09

Special Operations Speaks PAC, Maness


Multicandidate committee status.


Final opinion August 22, 2013
Date Name Document type
08/22/2013 2013-09 Final Opinion
08/22/2013 Vote Votes
08/21/2013 Comment on Agenda Document No. 13-37 by Special Operations Speaks PAC and Col. Robert Maness Comments and Ex parte Communications
08/16/2013 Draft AO, Agenda Document No. 13-37 Draft Documents
07/23/2013 Comment on AOR by Robert E. Rutkowski Comments and Ex parte Communications
07/22/2013 Comment on AOR by Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21 Comments and Ex parte Communications
07/10/2013 Request by Special Operations Speaks PAC and Col. Robert L. Maness AO Request, Supplemental Material, and Extensions of Time


Role Name Type
Requestor Special Operations Speaks PAC Nonconnected political committee
Requestor Maness, Robert Individual
Counsel/Representative Kamenar, Paul Individual
Counsel/Representative Backer, Dan Individual
Counsel/Representative Hebert, J. Gerald Individual
Counsel/Representative Ryan, Paul S. Individual
Counsel/Representative Wertheimer, Fred Individual
Counsel/Representative Simon, Donald J. Individual
Counsel/Representative Sonosky, Chambers & Sachse Law Firm
Commenter Campaign Legal Center Research/Public Interest/Educational Institution
Commenter Democracy 21 Research/Public Interest/Educational Institution