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AO 2010-01

Nevada State Democratic Party


Application of the exemption for the cost of campaign materials used in connection with volunteer activities on behalf of a party's presumptive nominees.


Final opinion March 01, 2010
Date Name Document type
03/01/2010 Final Opinion Final Opinion
02/25/2010 Vote Votes
02/24/2010 Draft AO, Agenda Document No. 10-11-A Draft Documents
02/23/2010 Comment on Agenda Document No. 10-11 by the Nevada State Democratic Party Comments and Ex parte Communications
02/19/2010 Draft AO, Agenda Document No. 10-11 Draft Documents
01/05/2010 Request by Nevada State Democratic Party AO Request, Supplemental Material, and Extensions of Time


Role Name Type
Requestor Nevada State Democratic Party Party committee, state or local
Counsel/Representative Perkins Coie LLP Law Firm
Counsel/Representative Individual
Counsel/Representative Wilson, Graham Individual
Commenter Perkins Coie LLP Law Firm
Commenter Individual
Commenter Nevada State Democratic Party Party committee, state or local
Commenter Wilson, Graham Individual