Completeness of Numerical Data Reporting in 1996

ALABAMA Data are complete
ALASKA Data are complete
ARIZONA Data on intake agencies, confirmation notices, and deletions from the list are incomplete because various items were not reported by Apache, Cochise, Greenlee, La Paz, Maricopa, Mohave, Santa Cruz, and Yavapai Counties.
ARKANSAS Data on duplicates are incomplete because three counties failed to track duplicates by point of origin.
CALIFORNIA Data are incomplete because four (primarily small) counties were unable to track and report intakes, duplicates, confirmation notices, or deletions.
COLORADO Data on intake agencies incomplete because not all of the counties report monthly, and one has never reported.
CONNECTICUT Data on confirmation notices and deletions are incomplete because of the failure of approximately 20% of the municipalities to report on these items.
DELAWARE Data are complete
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Data are complete.
FLORIDA Data are complete.
GEORGIA Data are complete.
HAWAII Data are complete except for intakes from disability and armed forces agencies. The first maintain this information on an agency basis. The second employ a national form that is not tracked by the State.
IDAHO is exempt from the NVRA.
ILLINOIS Data are complete except on deletions because twelve smaller jurisdictions kept no record of them.
INDIANA Data are 99% complete -- missing only a few monthly reports from small counties.
IOWA Data on intake agencies are incomplete because some counties failed to submit monthly reports from Jan 95 through Feb 96.
KANSAS Some data are incomplete owing to delayed implementation of parts of the NVRA (See Appendix A)
KENTUCKY Data are complete.
LOUISIANA Data are complete.
MAINE Data on intake agencies are incomplete for lack of a system to enable local registrars to identify dupes by agency type except for motor vehicle offices. Other data are incomplete for lack of about two dozen towns to report figures.
MARYLAND Data are complete.
MASSACHUSETTS Data incomplete because 74 of 351 local jurisdictions failed to provide data.
MICHIGAN Data incomplete because 275 of 1515 local jurisdictions failed to provide data.
MINNESOTA is exempt from the NVRA.
MISSISSIPPI Data imcomplete because 9 of 82 counties failed to provide data and Department of Public Safety did not provide data onthe number of motor vehicle applications
MISSOURI Some deletions are based on local estimates.
MONTANA Data are incomplete because 17 of 56 counties failed to provide data.
NEBRASKA For the first six months of implementation, mail registrations were included in the "other" category.
NEVADA Some counties were not able to compile the data.
NEW HAMPSHIRE is exempt from the NVRA.
NEW JERSEY Data complete except for armed forces whose form, not clearly identifiable, was often included in "other."
NEW MEXICO Data complete.
NEW YORK Data complete
NORTH CAROLINA Data complete
NORTH DAKOTA is exempt from the NVRA.
OHIO Data complete
OKLAHOMA Data complete
OREGON Data on armed forces not collected because of parallel data collection by the Department of Defense.
PENNSYLVANIA A small number of counties did not report all requested data. Public assistance agencies also includes some disability numbers since they were not always recorded separately.
RHODE ISLAND Data on intake agencies date from Jan 96 when reporting began. The other data date from Mar 96 when rreporting began
SOUTH CAROLINA Data are complete.
SOUTH DAKOTA Data are incomplete because 3 of 66 counties failed to provide data. In addition, some counties did not collect data on duplicates.
TENNESSEE Data are complete.
TEXAS Data are incomplete because 5 of 254 counties failed to provide data.
UTAH Data are complete dating from Jan 95.
VERMONT Not reported (has not yet implemented the NVRA).
VIRGINIA Many of the data on intake agencies are based on local estimates or imperfect records (hence the large number listed in "other."
WASHINGTON Data are complete.
WEST VIRGINIA Data on duplicates was not collected by agency. Data on mail registrations reflects those received locally in 1996 only plus those received by the Secretary of State in 1995 and 1996.
WISCONSIN is exempt from the NVRA.
WYOMING is exempt from the NVRA.