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PACRONYMS, an alphabetical list of acronyms, abbreviations, initials, and common names of federal political action committees (PACs), was prepared to help researchers readily identify committees when their full names are not disclosed on campaign finance reports.

The list includes the PACRONYM, full committee name, city and state of its address, FEC I.D. number, and the name of its sponsoring, connected, or affiliated organization (if not readily identifiable from the full committee name). Unless noted otherwise in the full committee name, the acronym "PAC" refers to "Political Action Committee." There is an appendix included which lists other standard abbreviations commonly used in committee names.

Download PACRONYMS (December 2009 edition) : [PDF] [WORD].

Adobe Acrobat [PDF] files can be read using Adobe Reader available from Adobe. Microsoft Word [WORD] files can be viewed using Word available from Microsoft. Note that the Word version is formatted as a table so that you may sort the document as you choose:  by full name, city, state, or FEC I.D. number.