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2012 Political Committees with Non-Contribution Accounts

The table below contains a listing of all nonconnected political committees that have registered with the Federal Election Commission consistent with the stipulated judgment in Carey v. FEC (2011). Information regarding this committee type may be found here: FEC Statement on Carey v. FEC: Reporting Guidance for Political Committees that Maintain a Non-Contribution Account.

Committee Id 

Committee Name

Date Filed

C00401224 10/20/2011
C00488478 ACTRIGHT 1/31/12
C00492124 American Pride PAC 12/1/2011
C00436873 America's Opportunity Fund 1/23/2012
Business-Industry Political Action Committee 10/20/2011
C00513051 Christians for a Change 2/16/2012
C00490920 Committee for a New Start in the Right Direction 12/22/2011
C00496505 Conservative Action Fund 5/17/2011
C00504605 Conservative Victory, Inc. 1/23/2012
C00500033 Efficient America PAC 8/2/2011
C00500009 FFP PAC 7/30/2011
C00410068 Fraternity & Sorority Political Action Committee 5/08/2012
C00324871 Free Agents PAC 5/11/2012
C00523746 Freshman Hold'em PAC 6/21/2012
C00520080 Friends of Democracy 4/30/2012
C00476978 Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund Federal PAC 9/21/2011
C00493510 The Global Diaspora Pac Incorporated 1/27/2012
C00495275 Harbor Trucking Association Federal Political Action Committee (HTA Federal PAC) 10/26/2011
C00513044 Hoosiers for Economic Growth and Jobs 2/17/2012
Innovation PAC 1/24/2012
C00519413 L PAC 4/20/2012
C00522482 Liberty Unleashed 6/2/2012
C00438531 Life and Marriage PAC 12/28/2011
C00427435 Maverick PAC USA 5/22/2012
C00486852 May November Group 2/13/2012
C00383182 National Defense Committee PAC 1/23/2012
National Defense PAC 1/23/2012
C00476838 National Fiscal Conservative PAC 10/21/2011
C00455378 The National Republican Trust PAC 11/7/2011
C00512608 Navajo Natani 2/13/2012
One Nation PAC
C00516500 PACPLUS 5/21/2012
C00509489 Patriot Super PAC 1/13/2012
C00487025 Peach Tea PAC 1/23/2012
C00507053 Puro PAC 12/5/2011
C00503417 Red, White and Blue Fund 5/4/2012
C00514869 Restoring America Project 3/6/2012
C00512020 SHEPAC 4/9/2012
C00508697 Stop This Insanity Inc Employee Leadership Fund 1/3/2012
C00506469 Tea Party Fund 1/27/2012
C00461772 Western Representation PAC 1/10/2012
C00501262 White Hart PAC 8/30/2011
C00515064 Young Democrats of America Political Action Committee 3/7/2012
C00501023 Young Republicans for a Better Florida 8/30/2011