June 6, 2002




Advisory to Editors, Correspondents, Broadcasters:


            For your long-range planning purposes:


The Federal Election Commission has revised its Rulemaking Calendar on the various stages leading to implementation of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA).


The revised calendar can be accessed on the FEC’s website at the following address:




The Commission on June 5 completed a scheduled public hearing on proposed rules on provisions in the BCRA that eliminate or restrict non-federal financial activity (“soft money”) for national, state, and local party organizations.  The Commission will meet in public session on June 19 for final-rule discussion.  The rule is Congressionally-mandated to be completed and published by June 25.


Press Office (202-694-1220) contacts are:


Ron Harris

Bob Biersack

Ian Stirton

Kelly Huff  


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