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For Immediate Release:                                                                                             Contact:  Kelly Huff
April 14, 2000                                                                                                                                Ron Harris
                                                                                                                                                        Sharon Snyder
                                                                                                                                                        Ian Stirton


WASHINGTON -- The Federal Election Commission has recently made public its final action on 19 matters previously under review (MURs). This release contains only summary information. Closed files should be thoroughly read for details, including the FECís legal analysis of the case. (See footnote at the end of this release.) Closed MUR files are available in the Public Records Office.

1. MUR 4646

RESPONDENTS: (a) Amy Robin Habie (FL)

  1. (b) Wallace Walker (FL)
  2. (c) Rhea Weil (FL)
  3. (d) Lawrence Herman (FL)
  4. (e) Sue Sakolsky (FL)
  5. (f) Sonia Pinkus (FL)
  6. (g) Carol J. Lewis (FL)
  7. (h) David Boies (NY)
  8. (i) Friends of Jane Harman, Jacki Bacharach, treasurer (WA)
  9. (j) Kennedy for Senate 2000, John S. Zamparelli, treasurer (MA)

COMPLAINANT: Scott P. Lewis and Carol J. Lewis (FL)

SUBJECT: Contributions in the names of others

DISPOSITION: (a-f) Conciliation Agreement: $ 50,000 civil penalty*

  1. Conciliation Agreement: $ 750 civil penalty*
  2. Took no action*

(i-j) Took no action*

[re: The Commission instructed respondents to disgorge equivalent amounts of impermissible contributions to United States Treasury.]

2. MUR 4753

RESPONDENTS: (a) Cammermeyer 2 Congress, Paul Fournier, treasurer (WA)

(b) Margarethe Cammermeyer (WA)


SUBJECT: Failure to provide contributor information and demonstrate "best efforts"

DISPOSITION: (a) Conciliation Agreement: $ 15,000 civil penalty*

  1. No reason to believe*

3. MUR 4766

RESPONDENTS: (a) Philip Morris Companies, Inc. (NY)

COMPLAINANT: Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, William D. Novelli, former

President (DC)

SUBJECT: Corporate contributions

DISPOSITION: (a-e) No reason to believe*

(f-g) No reason to believe*

[re: any violation of the Act]


4. MUR 4812

RESPONDENTS: (a) Honorable Robert L. Barr, Jr. (GA)

(b) Bob Barr for Congress, Charles C. Black, treasurer (GA)

COMPLAINANT: Democratic Party of Georgia, Steve C. Anthony, Executive Director (GA) SUBJECT: Disclaimer; fundraising practices and materials

DISPOSITION: (a-b) No reason to believe*

5. MUR 4847

RESPONDENTS: (a) Honorable Robert D. Inglis (SC)

(b) Inglis for Senate Committee, Inc., Jeffrey J. Parker, treasurer (SC)

COMPLAINANT: Richard Harpootlian (SC)

SUBJECT: Failure to report receipt of in-kind contributions from political committees; failure to return or deposit political committee contribution checks within 10 days of treasurerís receipt; failure to itemize contributions from authorized campaign committees, failure to itemize disbursements

DISPOSITION: (a) No reason to believe*

(b) Conciliation Agreement: $ 8,000 civil penalty*

[Respondents will amend their 1998 30 Day Post-General Report to disclose in-kind contributions from the National Chamber Alliance for Politics and the National Taxpayers Union Campaign Fund.]


6. MUR 4869

RESPONDENTS: American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO (KY)

COMPLAINANT: Marcus S. Hash (KY)

SUBJECT: Use of union dues for endorsement of federal candidates

DISPOSITION: No reason to believe*

7. MUR 4885/Pre-MUR 362

RESPONDENTS: (a) Laredo National Bank (TX)

COMPLAINANT: Referral by Robert B. Serino, Deputy Chief Counsel, Comptroller of the Currency, Administration of National Banks (DC)

SUBJECT: National bank contribution/contributions in the name of another

DISPOSITION: (a-b) Conciliation Agreement: $ 30,000 civil penalty*

(c) Reason to believe, but took no further action*

8. MUR 4911

RESPONDENTS: (a) President William Jefferson Clinton (DC)

  1. (b) Vice President Albert Gore, Jr. (DC)
  2. (c) Gore 2000, Inc., Jose Villareal, treasurer (DC)
  3. (d) Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY)
  4. (e) Hillary Rodham Clinton for US Senate Exploratory Committee, William J. Cunningham, III, treasurer (NY)
  5. (f) Mrs. Albert Gore, Jr. (DC)

COMPLAINANT: Samuel Vardanian (FL)

SUBJECT: Use of government resources in connection with federal elections

DISPOSITION: (a-f) No reason to believe*

9. MUR 4912

RESPONDENTS: Mid-America Conservative Political Action Committee (MACPAC), Les Borsay, treasurer (IA)


SUBJECT: Failure to file disclosure report

DISPOSITION: Reason to believe, but took no further action*

10. MUR 4921

RESPONDENTS: Touma for Congress, Richard M. Gabrys, treasurer (MI)


SUBJECT: Failure to file 48-hour reports

DISPOSITION: Conciliation Agreement: $ 4,000 civil penalty*

11. MUR 4928

RESPONDENTS: (a) MSBDFA Management Group, Inc. (MD)

  1. (b) Stanley W. Tucker (MD)
  2. (c) Timothy L. Smoot (MD)
  3. (d) Catherine D. Lockhart (MD)
  4. (e) R. Randy Croxton (MD)


SUBJECT: Corporate contributions/contributions in the names of others

DISPOSITION: (a) Conciliation Agreement: $ 4,000 civil penalty*

  1. (b) Conciliation Agreement: $ 2,300 civil penalty*
  2. (c) Conciliation Agreement: $ 1,100 civil penalty*
  3. (d) Conciliation Agreement: $ 750 civil penalty*
  • (e) Conciliation Agreement: $ 750 civil penalty*


    12. MUR 4959

    RESPONDENTS: National Marine Manufacturers Association Political Action Committee, Mick Blackistone, treasurer (DC)

    COMPLAINANT: FEC Initiated (RAD)

    SUBJECT: Failure to file disclosure reports

    DISPOSITION: Conciliation Agreement: $1,300 civil penalty*


    The Enforcement Priority System (EPS) rates all incoming cases against objective criteria to determine whether they warrant use of the Commissionís limited resources.

    Cases dismissed under EPS fall into two categories: low-rated cases and stale cases. Low-rated cases are those that do not warrant use of the Commissionís resources to pursue because of their lower significance relative to other pending matters. Stale cases are those that initially received a higher rating but have remained unassigned for a significant period due to a lack of staff resources for effective investigation. Effective enforcement relies upon the timely pursuit of complaints and referrals to ensure compliance with the law. Investigations concerning activity more remote in time usually require a greater commitment of resources, primarily due to the fact that the evidence of such activity becomes more difficult to develop as it ages. The utility of commencing an investigation declines as these cases age, until they reach a point when activation of a case would not be an efficient use of the Commissionís resources. As cases reach this point, they are recommended for dismissal.

    Dismissed - Low Rated

    1. Pre-MUR 384

    RESPONDENT: Michael A. Magnoli (AL)

    COMPLAINANT: Referral by Craig C. Donsanto, Director, Election Crimes Branch, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice (DC)

    SUBJECT: Contributions in the names of others


    2. Pre-MUR 386

    RESPONDENTS: (a) William J. Colley (AL)

    1. (b) Herman R. Shoemaker (AL)
    2. (c) W. F. Hart (AL)

    COMPLAINANT: Sua sponte

    SUBJECT: Contributions in the names of others


    3. MUR 4782

    RESPONDENTS: (a) Republican National Committee (RNC), Alec Poitevint, treasurer (DC) (b) National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), Donna M. Anderson, treasurer (DC)

    1. (b) Honorable Eric J. Ensign (NV)
    2. (c) Ensign for Senate, Linzel L. McBride, treasurer (NV)

    COMPLAINANT: Ralph W. Stephens, Ralph W. Stephens US Senate Campaign Committee (NV)

    SUBJECT: Excessive contribution


    4. MUR 4787

    RESPONDENTS: (a) American Conservative Union Political Action Committee

    (ACU-PAC), Harold T. Yoder, treasurer (VA)

    1. (b) Citizens United Political Victory Fund, Kevin Allen, treasurer (VA)
    2. (c) Citizens United, Floyd G. Brown, Chairman (VA)
    3. (d) David Bossie (VA)

    COMPLAINANT: Richard Eslinger (OH)

    SUBJECT: Failure to register and report


    5. MUR 4875

    RESPONDENTS: (a) New Jersey Network (NJN) (NJ)

    (b) Michael Aron (NJ)

    COMPLAINANT: George E. Borcher (NJ)

    SUBJECT: Failure to provide equal time; failure to allow candidate to participate in debate


    6. MUR 4894

    RESPONDENT: Zack Exley (MA)

    COMPLAINANT: Benjamin L. Ginsberg, Esquire (DC)

    SUBJECT: Failure to report independent expenditures; failure to register and report; corporate contribution


    7. MUR 4896

    RESPONDENTS: Surburban OíHare Commission (SOC) (IL)

    COMPLAINANT: Brent M. Christensen, Esquire (IL)

    SUBJECT: Disclaimer


    *There are four administrative stages to the FEC enforcement process:

    1. Receipt of proper complaint 3. "Probable cause" stage
    2. "Reason to believe" stage 4. Conciliation stage

    It requires the votes of at least four of the six Commissioners to take any action. The FEC can close a case at any point after reviewing a complaint. If a violation is found and conciliation cannot be reached, then the FEC can institute a civil court action against a respondent.

    # # #