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March 10, 2000                                                                                                  Ron Harris
                                                                                                                               Sharon Snyder
                                                                                                                               Kelly Huff


-Record amount for non-election year fundraising-

WASHINGTON -- Continuing the trend of accelerated fundraising growth first seen in the 1997-98 election cycle, U.S. Senate and House candidates seeking election in the year 2000 have reported raising $318.4 million and spending $142.3 million, according to year-end reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

The fundraising spurt in 1999 resulted in 1,443 Congressional candidates raising $85.6 million more than their counterparts did in 1997. They spent $30.2 million more. The additional activity represents a 37% increase in fundraising and a 27% increase in spending.

The following table compares non-election year activities for all Senate and House campaigns in the last seven election cycles:




Cash on Hand





























Charts on pages 4 and 5 of this release separately detail comparison figures for Senate and House campaigns in non-election years from 1989 through 1999.

Candidates for U.S. Senate raised $118.8 million, spent $43.3 million, and had $97.4 million cash-on-hand on December 31, 1999. While this was $22.1 million more in receipts, or 23% when compared to the same period in the pervious cycle, comparisons of Senate races between cycles is difficult due to the different nature of the states involved.

House candidates reported $199.6 million in receipts, $99 million in disbursements and cash-on-hand of $187.7 million. This was an increase in receipts of $63.3 million, or 46% over the same period in the previous cycle.

Fundraising increases were apparent for House and Senate candidates of both parties. House Democratic candidates reported a $33.8 million increase in receipts, a 55% rise when compared to the same period in the previous cycle, while receipts for House Republican candidates were up $29.5 million, a 40% increase. Senate Republican candidates reported an increase of $14.3 million or 29% in receipts when compared to the same period in the previous cycle, while Senate Democratic candidate receipts were up $6.7 million or 14%.

Contributions from individuals continue to be the largest source of campaign funds. In 1999, individual contributions totalled $191 million, or 60% of monies raised. Money from committees such as PACs and other candidate committees accounted for $86.2 million, or 27%. Candidate money, either in the form of direct contributions or loans, totalled $24.4 million, representing 8% of total revenues.

This release contains summary tables on all registered 2000 U.S. Senate and House candidates. Comparison summary figures for previous non-election years are also provided. Also included is a six-year financial summary for each Senate candidate. Each House candidate who raised or spent money during 1999 is listed, followed by rankings of all Senate and House candidates in categories of monies raised and spent, amounts received from individuals and PACs, cash-on-hand, and debts.


1. Figures in the first two tables and the detailed listing of candidates cover from January 1, 1999, or whenever the campaign registered during the year, through December 31, 1999 or the last report filed by the campaign as indicated.

2. Net receipt and net disbursement figures are total receipts and total disbursements, as reported by the campaigns, minus any money transferred between committees of the same campaign.

3. Columns entitled "other Cmte Contributions" are monies contributed to campaigns by PACs and other committees as reported by the campaigns. Other committees include primarily committees of other candidates.

4. On the Senate listings, the column titled "Candidate Support" includes contributions by the candidate as well as loans made or guaranteed by the candidate. The column titled "trans from other auth" includes monies transferred from House committees of candidates for the Senate, as well as proceeds from joint fundraising activity among several candidates or committees. Contributions from individuals and PACs made through these joint fundraising efforts are NOT included in the "Individual Contributions" or "Non Party Contributions" columns.



Information attached to this release provides summary data on the following: