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For Immediate Release:                                                                              Contact:  Kelly Huff
February 12, 1999                                                                                                              Ron Harris
                                                                                                                                             Sharon Snyder
                                                                                                                                             Ian Stirton



WASHINGTON -- The Federal Election Commission has made public its final action on a matter previously under review (MUR). This release contains only summary information. Closed files should be thoroughly read for details, including the FEC’s legal analysis of the case. (Please see footnote at the end of this release.) Closed MUR files are available in the Public Records Office.

MUR 4852

RESPONDENTS: (a) Joerg Wiebe (FL)

(b) Ray Murphy, Councilman, Town of Fort Myers Beach (FL)

(c) Anita Creceda, Councilwoman, Town of Fort Myers Beach (FL)

(d) Jennifer Kaestner (FL)

COMPLAINANT: Dr. Jack J. Heyman, Ph. D. (FL)

SUBJECT: Foreign national contributions

DISPOSITION: (a-d) No reason to believe*


*There are four administrative stages to the FEC enforcement process:

1. Receipt of proper complaint 3. "Probable cause" stage

2. "Reason to believe" stage 4. Conciliation stage

It requires the votes of at least four of the six Commissioners to take any action. The FEC can close a case at any point after reviewing a complaint. If a violation is found and conciliation cannot be reached, then the FEC can institute a civil court action against a respondent.

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