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For Immediate Release:                                  Contact:  Kelly Huff
February 11, 1998                                                 Ron Harris
                                                                  Sharon Snyder
                                                                  Ian Stirton

WASHINGTON -- The Federal Election Commission has made public its final action on five matters previously under review (MURs). This release contains only summary information. Closed files should be thoroughly read for details, including the FEC's legal analysis of the case. (Please see footnote at the end of this release.) Closed MUR files are available in the Public Records Office.

1. Pre-MUR 348

(a) Peoples National Bank of Commerce (FL)
(b) Thaddeus Wilcox, (former) President, Peoples National Bank of Commerce (FL)
COMPLAINANT: Referral by Robert B. Serino, Deputy Chief Counsel, Comptroller of Currency, Administrator of National Banks
SUBJECT: National bank contributions/contributions in the names of others
DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

2. MUR 4170

Bush-Quayle '92 Compliance Committee, Inc., J. Stanley Huckaby, treasurer (DC)
COMPLAINANT: FEC Initiated (Audit)
SUBJECT: Failure to provide contributor information ("best efforts")
DISPOSITION: Reason to believe, but took no action*

3. MUR 4638/Pre-MUR 307

Greenberg, Traurig, Hoffman, Lipoff, Rosen & Quentel, P.A. (FL)
COMPLAINANT: FEC Initiated (OGC) [See MUR 4398]
SUBJECT: Foreign national contributions
DISPOSITION: Conciliation Agreement: $ 77,000 civil penalty*


4. MUR 4688

American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA) - 525 PAC, James E. Black, treasurer (DC)
SUBJECT: Failure to file disclosure reports timely
DISPOSITION: Conciliation Agreement: $5,500 civil penalty*

5. MUR 4701

Vermont State Democratic Federal Campaign Committee, John T. Moran, treasurer (VT)
SUBJECT: Transfer of non-federal funds to federal account to pay for 100% non- federal activity
DISPOSITION: Conciliation Agreement: $ 4,000 civil penalty*

*There are four administrative stages to the FEC enforcement process:
1. Receipt of proper complaint			    3. "Probable cause" stage
2. "Reason to believe" stage                          4. Conciliation stage

It requires the votes of at least four of the six Commissioners to take any action. The FEC can close a case at any point after reviewing a complaint. If a violation is found and conciliation cannot be reached, then the FEC can institute a civil court action against a respondent.