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December 17, 1998                                                                                                            Ron Harris
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WASHINGTON -- The Federal Election Commission has made public its final action on 23 matters previously under review (MURs). This release contains only summary information. Closed files should be thoroughly read for details, including the FEC’s legal analysis of the case. (Please see footnote at the end of this release.) Closed MUR files are available in the Public Records Office.



1.. Pre-MUR 345

RESPONDENTS: (a) Simon C. Fireman (MA)

(b) Aqua-Leisure Industries, Inc. (MA)

(c) Carol A. Nichols (MA)

COMPLAINANTS: Referral by Donald K. Stern, U.S. Attorney and Brien T. O’Connor, Assistant U.S. Attorney, United States Department of Justice (MA)

SUBJECT: Corporate contributions/contributions in the names of others

DISPOSITION: (a-c) Took no action*

2. Pre-MUR 365

RESPONDENTS: (a) Friends of Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky (PA)

(b) Mark Takano for Congress (CA)

(c) Kentucky Democratic Party (KY)

(d) West Virginia Democratic Party (WV)

(e) Pauline Kanchanalak (VA)

(f) Ban Chang International (USA), Inc. (DC/Thailand)

COMPLAINANT: Referral by Jonathan Biran, Campaign Financing Task Force, Criminal Division, U.S. Department of Justice (DC)

SUBJECT: Foreign national contribution; corporate contribution; depositing non-federal funds in federal accounts

DISPOSITION: (a-f) Took no action*

3. MUR 4471

RESPONDENTS: (a) Montana State Democratic Central Committee, Rhonda Whiting, treasurer (MT)

(b) Friends of Max Baucus, Randall Bishop, treasurer (MT)

COMPLAINANTS: Craig M. Engle, General Counsel, National Republican Senatorial Committee (DC)

SUBJECT: Excessive contributions; failure to accurately report contributions

DISPOSITION: (a-b) No reason to believe*

4. MUR 4630

RESPONDENTS: (a) Kentucky State Democratic Central Executive Committee (Federal Account), Clay Patrick, treasurer (KY)

(b) Kentucky Democratic Party ( Non-Federal Account), Clay Patrick, treasurer (KY)

COMPLAINANTS: Republican Party of Kentucky, Catherine D. Bell, Executive Director (KY)

SUBJECT: Failure to file schedules relating to method of allocation for shared federal/non-federal costs and allocation ratios

DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

5. MUR 4662

RESPONDENTS: (a) John Wertheim for Congress, Arvind A. Raichur, treasurer (NM)

(b) Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Matthew H. Angle, treasurer (DC)

COMPLAINANTS: Republican Party of New Mexico, John Dendahl, Chairman (NM)

SUBJECT: Disclaimers

DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

6. MUR 4729

RESPONDENTS: Friends of Melinda Katz, Ronald A. Kaye, treasurer (NY)

COMPLAINANT: Rosemary Maldonado (NY)

SUBJECT: Failure to register and report timely; receipt of "soft money" contributions

DISPOSITION: Took no action*


7. MUR 4730

RESPONDENTS: (a) The Capital Times (WI)

(b) Tammy Baldwin for Congress, Michael Childers, treasurer (WI)

(c) Wineke for Congress, George L. Ketterer, treasurer (WI)

(d) Phelps for Congress, Scott Herrick, treasurer (WI)

COMPLAINANT: Patrick J. O’Brien (WI)

SUBJECT: Corporate contributions/failure to report contributions

DISPOSITION: (a-d) Took no action*





8. MUR 4731

RESPONDENTS: (a) Randall Terry for Congress, Muriel M. McConnon, treasurer (NY) (b) Randall A. Terry (NY)

(c) Randall Terry Live, Inc. ("RTL") (NY)

(d) Cindy Terry, President, Randall Terry Live, Inc. ("RTL") (NY)

(e) Carl Thompson (OK)

COMPLAINANTS: NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund, Martha F. Davis,

Legal Director (NY)

SUBJECT: Corporate contributions (corporate extension of credit); excessive contributions; failure to report debts

DISPOSITION: (a-e) Took no action*

9. MUR 4732

RESPONDENTS: (a) Alaska Democratic Party Federal Account, Willie Anderson, treasurer (AK)

(b) Juneau Democratic District Committee, Douglas K. Rickey, treasurer (AK)

(c) Jim Duncan for Congress, Roger Shaw, treasurer (AK)


SUBJECT: Failure to register timely and report fully; use of non-federal funds for federal election; failure to use "best efforts"; disclaimer

DISPOSITION: (a-c) Took no action*

10. MUR 4733

RESPONDENTS: (a) Robert D. Kilbanks (PA)

(b) Families and Taxpayers for Bob Kilbanks, William N. Goodman, CPA, treasurer (PA)

COMPLAINANT: Charles D. Snelling (PA)

SUBJECT: Excessive contribution; failure to accurately report assets; failure to accurately report debt

DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

11. MUR 4734

RESPONDENTS: (a) Dennis Newinski (MN)

(b) Dennis Newinski for Congress, Richard C. Reiner, treasurer (MN)

COMPLAINANTS: Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party, Dick Senese, Chair (MN)

SUBJECT: Failure to provide contributor information; illegible report

DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

12. MUR 4738

RESPONDENTS: (a) Honorable Corrine Brown (FL)

(b) Friends of Corrine Brown, Gloria Simmons, treasurer (FL)

(c) Reverend Henry J. Lyons (FL)

(d) Bernice Edwards (WI)

COMPLAINANTS: National Legal and Policy Center, Kenneth Boehm, Chairman (DC)

SUBJECT: Excessive contribution; failure to report contribution

DISPOSITION: (a-d) Took no action*

13. MUR 4739

RESPONDENTS: (a) Direct Marketing Association Political Action Committee ("DMA PAC"), RichardA. Barton, treasurer (DC)

(b) Direct Voice and its treasurer (DC)

COMPLAINANT: Russell Smith (DC)

SUBJECT: Failure to register and report

DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

14. MUR 4744

RESPONDENTS: (a) Honorable James L. Hoffman, Mayor of Williams, Arizona (AZ)

(b) Brian James (AZ)


SUBJECT: Foreign national contribution

DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

15. MUR 4745

RESPONDENTS: (a) Congressional Accountability Project ("CAP"), Gary Ruskin, Director, (DC)

(b) Paul Politis (PA)

COMPLAINANT: Doug P. Harbach (PA)

SUBJECT: Corporate contributions; failure to register and report

DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

16. MUR 4746

RESPONDENTS: Phillip Cyre (SD)

COMPLAINANT: Ron Wieczorek (SD)

SUBJECT: Failure to register and report as a political committee

DISPOSITION: Took no action*

17. MUR 4747

RESPONDENTS: (a) Bozzuto’s, Inc. (CT)

(b) Michael A. Bozzuto, President, Bozzuto’s, Inc. (CT)

(c) Thomas A. Zatina, Executive Vice President/COO,

Bozzuto’s, Inc. (CT)

(d) Food Distributors Voice in Politics Committee - The Political Action Committee of Food Distributors International, Kevin Burke, treasurer (VA)

(e) Bruce Gates, Vice President Public Affairs, Food Distributors VIP Committee (VA)

(f) National - American Wholesale Grocer’s Association/

International Foodservice Distributors Association (NAWGA/ IFDA) (VA)

(g) John R. Block, President, NAWGA /IFDA (VA)

COMPLAINANT: Donald A. Zagar (CT)

SUBJECT: Failure to advise solicitees of their right to refuse to contribute without reprisal

DISPOSITION: (a-g) Took no action*

18. MUR 4751

RESPONDENTS: New Jersey Democratic State Committee, Raul "Rudy" Garcia, treasurer (NJ)


SUBJECT: Excessive and improper transfer of non-federal funds; excessive contributions, corporate contributions

DISPOSITION: Conciliation Agreement: $15,000 civil penalty*

Respondents to transfer $54,279.68 from federal to non-federal account

19. MUR 4765

RESPONDENTS: (a) Honorable Gary G. Miller (CA)

(b) Gary Miller for Congress, Cathleen Miller, treasurer (CA)

(c) William F. Blankenship, III (CA)

COMPLAINANT: Gregory T. Annigian (CA)

SUBJECT: Use of state staff for federal election activity; failure to report contribution

DISPOSITION: (a-c) Took no action*

20. MUR 4767

RESPONDENTS: (a) Committee to Elect Glenn Reese to Congress , Glenn Gilbert Reese, treasurer (SC)

(b) R. L. Jordan Oil Co. of NC Inc. (SC)

(c) Li’l Cricket Food Stores, Inc. (SC)

(d) Glenn G. Reese, President, W. W. Reese, Inc., dba Krispy Kreme Doughnut Company (SC)

(e) W. W. Reese, Inc., dba Krispy Kreme Doughnut Company (SC)

(f) WSPA - FM (SC)

(g) WMYI - FM (SC)

COMPLAINANT: Launeil "Neil" Sanders (SC)

SUBJECT: Corporate contributions

DISPOSITION: (a-g) Took no action*

21. MUR 4778

RESPONDENTS: (a) Rick Hill for Congress Committee, Gary Demaree, treasurer (MT)

(b) Strategic Telecommunications (a/k/a Republican National Calling Center) (MN)

COMPLAINANT: Alexander (Zander) Blewett, III, Esq. (MT)

SUBJECT: Solicitation of excessive contribution

DISPOSITION: (a-b) Took no action*

22. MUR 4784

RESPONDENTS: (a) Rick Verticchio (IL)

(b) Verticchio for Congress, Michael P. Verticchio, treasurer (IL)

(c) Democratic Party of Christian County, Timothy E. Drea,

treasurer (IL)

(d) Democratic Party of Sangamon County, Susan I. Staley, treasurer (IL)

COMPLAINANTS: Illinois Republican Party, Bradley Goodrich, assistant treasurer (IL)

SUBJECT: Excessive contributions; receipt of impermissible funds; failure to report campaign receipts and disbursements; failure to continuously report debts

DISPOSITION: (a-d) Took no action*

23. MUR 4842/Pre-MUR 363

RESPONDENTS: Napolitano for Congress, Yolanda Dyer, treasurer (CA)


SUBJECT: Disclaimer

DISPOSITION: Reason to believe, but took no further action*

*There are four administrative stages to the FEC enforcement process:

1. Receipt of proper complaint 3. "Probable cause" stage

2. "Reason to believe" stage 4. Conciliation stage

It requires the votes of at least four of the six Commissioners to take any action. The FEC can close a case at any point after reviewing a complaint. If a violation is found and conciliation cannot be reached, then the FEC can institute a civil court action against a respondent.

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