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Final Rules on Independent Expenditures and Electioneering Communications by Corporations and Labor Organizations
(Posted 10/23/2014; By Zainab Smith)

On October 9, 2014, the Commission approved final rules that permit corporations and labor organizations to finance independent expenditures and electioneering communications. The rules were promulgated in response to a Petition for Rulemaking filed by the James Madison Center for Free Speech petitioning the Commission to revise its regulations in response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC, 558 U.S. 310 (2010), which invalidated the ban on corporate independent expenditures and electioneering communications. Read more...

Commission Issues Interim Final Rule and ANPRM to Address Supreme Court Ruling in McCutcheon
(Posted 10/17/2014; By Myles Martin)

On October 9, 2014, the Commission approved both an interim final rule and an Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) to revise the Commission’s regulations to reflect the Supreme Court’s decision in McCutcheon v. FEC. The interim final rule removes regulations that impose aggregate contribution limits the Court held were unconstitutional, and the ANPRM invites public comment on whether the Commission should undertake a new rulemaking to revise or amend other regulations in light of the Court’s ruling. The Commission intends to hold a hearing on the ANPRM on February 11, 2015, and invites public comment on what revisions, if any, it should consider. Read more...

Petition for Rulemaking on Federal Office Definition
(Posted 10/02/2014; By Alex Knott)

On August 28, 2014, the Commission received a Petition for Rulemaking from National Convention PBC. The petition urges the Commission to expand its regulatory definition of “federal office” to include delegates to a constitutional convention. Read more...

2014 Edition of 11 CFR Now Available
(Posted 04/18/2014; By Alex Knott)

Printed copies of the 2014 edition of Title 11 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) are now available from the Commission. Read more...

Commission Approves Technical Corrections to CFR
(Posted 03/26/2014; By Alex Knott)

The Commission has approved and published in the Federal Register a series of technical corrections to various provisions in Title 11 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). 79 Fed. Reg. 16661 (March 26, 2014). The changes, which took effect upon publication, consist of technical edits and corrections to typographical errors. Read more...









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