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Latest Articles:

FEC to Host Webinar on Pre-Election Communications
(Posted 07/26/2016; By Isaac Baker)

On Wednesday, August 24, 2016, from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm EDT, the Commission will host a webinar to review the rules and reporting requirements for specific types of pre-election communications,including: Electioneering communications; Independent expenditures; and Coordinated communications. Read more...

July Reporting Reminder
(Posted 06/21/2016; By Katherine Carothers)

The following reports are due in July:

FEC to Host Reporting & FECFile Webinars
(Posted 05/31/2016; By Isaac Baker)

The Commission will offer Reporting & FECFile workshops this month to help committees prepare for their July quarterly and monthly reports. The Reporting and FECFile webinars for Candidate Committees will take place on June 22, and a FECFile webinar for PACs and Party Committees will be held on June 29. Read more...

FEC to Host June 8 Webinar for Member/Labor Organizations and Their PACs
(Posted 05/13/2016; By Isaac Baker)

The Commission will hold a one-day online seminar for membership and labor organizations and their political action committees (PACs) on Wednesday, June 8, 2016. Commission staff will conduct several technical workshops on the federal campaign finance laws affecting these organizations and their PACs. Read more...

National Party Convention Delegates
(Posted 05/12/2016; By Myles Martin)

During presidential election years, the Information Division frequently receives inquiries regarding the application of campaign finance laws to national convention delegates and individuals seeking selection as a delegate. This article provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding FEC rules that govern delegate activity for national nominating conventions. Read more...





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