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FEC Record: Advisory Opinions

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Latest Articles:

AOR 2016-13: Martins for Congress
(Posted 10/13/2016; By Dorothy Yeager)

On October 11, 2016, the Commission concluded its consideration of Advisory Opinion Request (AOR) 2016-13, from Martins for Congress, without issuing an opinion. Read more...

AO 2016-10: U.S. Citizen Residing Abroad May Solicit Contributions to State and Local Party Committees
(Posted 10/04/2016; By Myles Martin)

A U.S. citizen living in Canada may solicit contributions or donations to state and local political party committees so long as she does not knowingly solicit any foreign national. Her solicitations need not reference the ban on soliciting foreign nationals, and she is free to inform the state or local parties that she is soliciting contributions to those party committees. Read more...

Pending Advisory Opinion Requests as of September 30, 2016
(Posted 09/30/2016; By Dorothy Yeager)

Advisory Opinion Requests (AORs) pending before the Commission as of the end of the month are listed below. Procedures for commenting on pending AORs are described here. Read more...

AO 2016-09: Candidate Entitled to Separate Limit for New Court-Ordered Primary Election
(Posted 09/20/2016; By Dorothy Yeager)

Editor's Note: On September 14, 2016, after this AO was issued, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit issued a ruling that canceled the October 6 primary.

Candidates running in the court ordered October 6 primary election in New York's 3rd congressional district are entitled to an additional contribution limit for the new election. The court's order nullified the results of the original June 28 primary in that district. Read more...

AO 2016-08: Commercial Vendor May Operate Online Fundraising and Contribution Processing Platforms
(Posted 08/31/2016; By Isaac Baker)

A commercial vendor may operate two internet-based platforms: one that provides fundraising services to political committees and another that allows individuals to contribute to federal political committees and encourage their online contacts to do the same. Read more...




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