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FEC Record: Advisory Opinions

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Latest Articles:

AO 2014-10: Commission Approves Use of Campaign Funds to Purchase Book
(Posted 08/22/2014; By Zainab Smith)

A principal campaign committee may use campaign funds to purchase copies of the candidate’s book without the purchase resulting in personal use or an in-kind contribution from the publisher. Read more...

AO 2014-07: Website May Use FEC Data, Other Info to Match Donors to Candidates
(Posted 08/22/2014; By Alex Knott)

A for-profit corporation may create and operate a website that uses FEC contributor data and other information to help visitors identify and contribute to candidates, as well as prospective candidates and eventual party nominees that visitors support. Read more...

AO 2014-09: Consulting Firm May Market Credit Card Affinity Program to Political Committees
(Posted 08/20/2014; By Myles Martin)

A consulting firm may partner with banks to develop and market an affinity credit card program for political committees. The firm would offer individuals listed on the committees’ mailing lists credit cards that provide monthly rebates on purchases. The individuals would have the option to designate those rebates as contributions to the committee. Read more...

AO 2014-06: Campaign and Leadership PAC May Purchase and Distribute Book
(Posted 08/01/2014; By Zainab Smith)

Rep. Paul Ryan’s campaign committee and leadership PAC may purchase, distribute and promote the Congressman’s book, subject to certain requirements described in the advisory opinion. As proposed, the activity will not result in an impermissible personal use of campaign funds, nor will the publisher’s discounted sale of the book to the committees result in a prohibited corporate contribution. Read more...

AO 2014-05: State Law Does Not Apply to SSF's Federal Solicitations
(Posted 07/28/2014; By Alex Knott)

Under the Federal Election Campaign Act (the Act) and Commission regulations, the separate segregated fund (SSF) of a corporation without capital stock may solicit federal contributions at any time from its solicitable class and twice yearly from an expanded group of individuals. According to the Michigan Department of State, a state law that restricts SSF solicitations for state and local activity does not apply to federal solicitations. Read more...






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