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Resources for Committee Treasurers

The treasurer of a political committee registered with the Federal Election Commission is legally responsible for that committee's compliance with the federal campaign finance laws. The Commission has developed this page to help treasurers fulfill that responsibility.

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Information on E-Mail ProgramAs you'll see, this page not only provides links to an array of helpful publications, online presentations and other pages, it also offers timely tips and reminders to help treasurers meet their obligations under the law. As an added feature, you can subscribe to receive automatic notification of updates to this page via RSS. We also invite you to ask questions, provide feedback and offer your own compliance tips by email to

In addition to these online resources, the FEC staffs a toll-free information hotline (800-424-9530), and offers periodic educational workshops for treasurers. Please visit our Outreach page for details, and sign up to receive program updates by email at




Tips for Treasurers

This section offers helpful tips — both from the FEC and from your fellow treasurers — to help you meet your obligations under the federal campaign finance law. To suggest a tip, please email us at Click here to receive the tips as an RSS feed.

January 17, 2017 The FEC Needs Your Comments on Two Party Rulemaking Petitions. The Commission is currently accepting public comments in response to two citizen petitions. The first, REG 2016-03 Political Party Rules Petition, asks the Commission to revise existing rules regarding the use of federal funds to pay for certain activities of state, district, or local committees of a political party. The second, REG 2014-10 Party Contribution Limits, asks the Commission to amend its regulations to implement amendments to the Federal Election Campaign Act made by the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015, which established certain new accounts for national party committees, and to amend the Commission’s regulations regarding convention committees. The deadline for comments on both petitions is January 30, 2017.
January 10, 2017 Switching Filing Frequency? Party committees that do not conduct reportable federal election activity and all PACs have the option to choose to file reports on a "monthly" or "quarterly" filing schedule. Some committees prefer to file reports on a monthly basis during a federal election year, and on a less-frequent basis during a nonfederal election year (such as 2017). PACs and party committees are permitted to switch filing frequencies one time per year. To switch your committee's filing frequency in 2017, attach a letter (paper filers only) or a Form 99 to your 2016 year-end report (due 1/31) indicating that you will now be filing reports on the other schedule. If you are switching from monthly to quarterly, be aware that quarterly filers actually file only twice in non-election years (a mid-year report due 7/31/17 and a year-end report due 1/31/18) but must file additional reports if they make contributions or expenditures in connection with a special election.
January 3, 2017 Mark Your Calendars! FEC Reporting in 2017. The Commission has posted the schedule for when FEC reports that are due in 2017 at An article containing an overview of FEC reporting requirements for 2017 is also available. The Commission will host reporting webinars for PACs and party committees on January 18 and for campaigns on January 25 to help filers prepare their year-end reports due January 31.
January 3, 2017 Follow the FEC in 2017. Follow @FEC on Twitter to receive the latest information on agency updates, news releases, and weekly activity. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, FECTube: FECConnect on Demand, to watch instructional videos that have been designed to help candidates and committees comply with federal campaign finance laws. Note that the FEC is not currently available through other social media platforms at this time. The use of the agency’s logo, name, and likeness on other mediums has not been authorized by the FEC.

Timely Tips Archive:


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Selected Publications

This section provides links to publications designed specifically for committee treasurers. Additional publications are available in the FEC Library, through our Quick Answers pages and on our Publications page.

FEC Record News Page

Reading articles posted on the FEC Record news page is one of the best ways to stay current on the law and your obligations as a treasurer. At the beginning of each month, the Commission compiles the previous month's articles into a print-friendly document and e-mails treasurers to let them know it's available. Additionally, an archive of every monthly Record from 1977 - present is available online. Sign-up to receive email notification when a new article is posted.

Campaign Guides

Campaign Guides are compliance manuals for committees registered with the FEC. The guide supplements summarize relevant post-publication rules and opinions.

Brochures and Handouts

Technical Information: The PDF files may be viewed or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader. The video presentations and interactive tutorials are available as either MPEG or SWF files. MPEG files may be viewed using a media player, such as Windows Media Player or Quicktime. SWF files may be viewed using Adobe Flash Player.


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Video Workshops and Interactive Presentations

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Reporting Help and Filing Information

This section supplements the reporting and filing information contained in the publications listed above with links to additional information. Treasurers may also seek reporting and filing assistance from the Campaign Finance Analyst who reviews the committee's reports. To reach the Reports Analysis Division, call 800-424-9530 (press 5).

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