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Independent Expenditure Filers

The table below contains a listing of all individual people, groups, authorized committes and other political committees that have made an independent expenditure or filed a statement consistent with Advisory Opinion 2010-09 (Club for Growth) or Advisory Opinion 2010-11 (Commonsense Ten) in 2009 or 2010.

Independent expenditures represent spending by individual people, groups, political committees, corporations or unions expressly advocating the election or defeat of clearly identified federal candidates. These expenditures may not be made in concert or cooperation with or at the request or suggestion of a candidate, the candidate's campaign or a political party.

Any time up to 20 days before an election, if these independent expenditures by a person or organization aggregate more than $10,000 in a race they must be reported to the Commission before the end of the second day after the communication is publicly distributed. If the communications are distributed within the last 19 days before the election, the expenditure must be reported within one day if they aggregate more than $1,000 in any race.

More information about independent expenditures. Most recent independent expenditures submitted by committees, groups or individuals.

The list below is sorted alphabetically by filer name. To see all filers by type of filer (see codes below), click on the heading Filer Name.

IE Code Description
IEOC Political Committee that has filed a statement consistent with AO 2010-09 or AO 2010-11
IE3 Authorized committee or other political committee
IE5 Individual people and groups

Updated: 03/21/2011

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