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2016 Presidential Campaign Finance

  All Candidates
  Bush, Jeb
  Carson, Benjamin S.
  Christie, Christopher J.
  Clinton, Hillary Rodham
  Cruz, Rafael Edward 'Ted'
  Fiorina, Carly
  Gilmore, James S III
  Graham, Lindsey O.
  Huckabee, Mike
  Jindal, Bobby
  Johnson, Gary
  Kasich, John R.
  Lessig, Lawrence
  McMullin, Evan
  O'Malley, Martin Joseph
  Pataki, George E.
  Paul, Rand
  Perry, James R. (Rick)
  Rubio, Marco
  Sanders, Bernard
  Santorum, Richard J.
  Stein, Jill
  Trump, Donald J.
  Walker, Scott
  Webb, James Henry Jr.